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● Football’s Emotion ● Beauty of Football ● (Emotional Video)

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25 Responses to “● Football’s Emotion ● Beauty of Football ● (Emotional Video)”

  1. farielago spune:

    where is Ruben De la Red?? and others

  2. aryan yazdan spune:

    amazing video, thanx

  3. aryan yazdan spune:

    Tears and smiles on the green field

  4. el Junior spune:

    0:50 i cried when i saw this @ the Mundial 🙁
    what a love he had to his country ^_^

  5. Pierre Frederic Leuenberger spune:

    Amazing video. Simply sad but also motivating me.

  6. Jeyson Cedeño spune:

    I love this video it means alot to me and to many people that love this
    beautiful sport….

  7. DienoidS spune:

    Great Vid!

  8. cRsTheMan spune:

    Everyone Wins & Loses that’s soccer , that’s LIFE . great job dude

  9. fromIndia kerala spune:

    please somebody tel me the name of backroundscore. 

  10. AREK Bądzyński spune:


  11. lucas ataide spune:


  12. Seth Mutenda spune:

    What a video

  13. ÅbDe samad spune:

    Zidane : …….:)

  14. Thomas Kuhl spune:

    Spain against Netherlands was beautiful, Im from Holland but I like the
    game. It’s not fun to lose, but it was beautiful and I like how my country
    play, Spain we see you next time.

  15. fofrenus spune:

    112.112 viewer

  16. dieter müller spune:

    Alex Ferguson make me cry

  17. mihai marius spune:

    he is an icon and an ex-con :D

  18. Erden Karso spune:


  19. nishant Nish spune:

    Beautiful. Video 

  20. oMightyHD spune:

    By far the best youtube video i’ve seen in a very long time. Thanks for
    this masterpiece of a video. Very emotional yet heartwarming. Football <3

  21. matt coupe spune:

    whats the song name?

  22. b3an3er spune:

    Brings back memories to when we lost the championship in my last high
    school game :,(

  23. 2013dragoncity spune:

    What happened?

  24. Andy Bustos spune:

    Imposible no llorar


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