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10/12/2013 Oregon vs Washington Fotbal Repere

Marcus Mariota a trecut de 366 de metri si trei eseuri pentru a conduce No. 2 Oregon pentru o victorie 45-24 peste drum de la Washington.
Video Rating: 4/5

14 Responses to “10/12/2013 Oregon vs Washington Fotbal Repere”

  1. MoGunzDatsWho spune:

    every time

  2. MoGunzDatsWho spune:

    I can’t believe people don’t like Gus every year his voice is calling the top plays „and it its CAUGHT” ha ha gets me every you’re

  3. Jaiave Magalei spune:

    I have to poop

  4. Anton Coats spune:

    More Hot Sauce,Please?

  5. whatsuphotdog spune:

    only the scum of the earth would dislike Gus Johnson

  6. ringwormsherm spune:

    Yeah Gus is awful

  7. ringwormsherm spune:

    Why the fuck was this not on ABC national televised game

  8. drewstieben spune:

    Dat PAC 12 offense tho

  9. rayjones31692 spune:


  10. Scott spune:

    All Gus does is yell, he really contributes nothing to the broadcast other than a bunch of screaming and yelling. Every play is the greatest player ever to him, I think he’s annoying as hell. Probably why the NFL doesn’t want him. He’s unbearable.

  11. Freddie Harb spune:

    i love Gus. His passion get me fired up. My favorite football announcers are him and Troy Aikman

  12. tamino20002000 spune:

    Gus is an ass.

  13. Oroshimisu spune:

    Please Gus Johnson come back to the NFL 🙁

  14. aikalo80 spune:



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