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12/07/2013 Auburn vs Missouri Football Highlights

Tre Mason rished pentru 304 de metri și patru eseuri de conducere No. 3 Auburn la un remarcabil 59 la 42 câștiga peste No. 5 Missouri în campionatul SEC în Atlanta.
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25 Responses to “12/07/2013 Auburn vs Missouri Football Highlights”

  1. kalebpost20 spune:

    Auburn will score, but FSU will score more. Noles dethrone the SEC 45-27

  2. Austin Curry spune:

    Fun to watch for now, rule changes incoming! Goodbye HUNH.

  3. CrackahJackk spune:

    Yeah I was there, supporting Mizzou. God damn it was like their ball could
    fucking teleport. I’d watch their guy get tackled, start to cheer, and then
    all of a sudden see their guy breaking through the line and sprinting down
    to the twenty. The fact is, they’re the better team and though I hate to
    admit it, this year, they are the dominant tigers of the SEC. But hey as I
    told my family, There’s always next year, we’ve only been here for a SEC!

  4. hermitmason111 spune:

    War Eagle! 

  5. newj90 spune:

    Way to finish Auburn. Good luck.

  6. kashbrody11 spune:

    and extremely poor tackling on our part Matt white especially 

  7. Blake Bonner spune:

    He’ll yeah!!! We getting that crystal ball baby!!!! Auburn wins 45-31

  8. tj jordan spune:

    so Auburn gets to take the beat down in the title game instead of the
    Buckeyes.I’m not a Florida state fan but I think the SEC is surely going to
    lose this year. Florida State is just way too good

  9. BamBam Bammer spune:

    congrats on the win Auburn, everyone thinks you cant beat FSU because there
    so good but how good are they?FSU has not played a team worth a crap all
    year( and i know all the FSU fans are going to scream clemson)like clemson
    is ever really good.from what i have saw the last 3 weeks it seems to me to
    be your year as bad as i hate it, but good luck and Roll Tide.

  10. Nathan Motz spune:

    Hey I’m an LSU fan but I went for Auburn 

  11. 4x4forlyfe spune:

    I have a lot of respect for this Auburn team. Everyone except #19. He tried
    injuring Josey the entire game and he unfortunately was able to later on.
    I’ll be rooting for Auburn in the National Championship, so don’t let me
    down. Just don’t let #19 play lol

  12. Will Oglesbee spune:

    War Eagle,I was there

  13. WookieeWarrior10 spune:

    That was so ridiculous how Ryan White just pushed Henry Josey on the
    sideline, I hope he’s alright.
    That’s about why I don’t like Auburn, just poor sportsmanship.

  14. keldrick jackson spune:

    war eagle

  15. Charmaine Myers spune:

    War Eagle

  16. nena dang spune:

    Good Luck Auburn. You need it,

  17. Awesom man spune:

    Fsu vs auburn!!!!!!!!!! Go noles

  18. Connor Rodgers spune:

    Auburn is going to run wild vs Fsu

  19. Kendal Sharpe spune:

    Did anyone see in the game that the ref purposely got in the way of tre
    mason and he fell

  20. austin woods spune:


  21. Nicky Deck spune:

    To the guy hew was talk about auburn War Dame E when they Han the Chris
    ball to Auburn on Jan 6 .

  22. WookieeWarrior10 spune:

    Can someone explain to me what a War Eagle is?

  23. Kendal Sharpe spune:

    Did anyone see

  24. dudewhyfi spune:

    Tre Mason is a boss with that running game. Impressive.

  25. James M spune:

    was like 3 or 4 yatds short


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