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2013 Georgia Fotbal iarna Antrenamente

Georgia Echipa de fotbal lucrează din greu în sala de greutate! Twitter: @ WeRunThisState Facebook: / FootballUGA Instagram: GeorgiaFootball.
Video Rating: 4/5

15 Responses to “2013 Georgia Fotbal iarna Antrenamente”

  1. dodgergabe spune:

    Do you guys even squat or clean?

  2. Raekwun Ross spune:

    What’s the name of that song

  3. James Pearson spune:

    Hudl users check out Devin Pearson from Hardee High School

  4. gtg957w spune:

    Eleiko competition bumpers for EZ bar bench press…just whatever.

  5. Chris Gamble spune:

    I hate videos that just show this boring crap…. show us some Olympic movements and squatting… the stuff that really develops athletes….. into well.. ATHLETES

  6. Christopher Chandley spune:

    Boxing is great conditioning workout. Stop being ignorant.

  7. Christopher Jenness spune:

    As a south Carolina fan, this video makes me less worried.

  8. RepsForSed spune:

    Actually they are teaching them to use their hands not fight …-_- dipstick

  9. Chris Johnson spune:

    SEC training right there. We teach lour guys how to FIGHT and play ball

  10. GloryToTheDawgs spune:

    I’d hate to be the team that starts a fistfight against us after all that time on the bags haha

  11. TheNiceeeMan spune:

    iRatz — That I’m Dreaming Hip Hop

  12. Marvin Charles spune:

    All about the G!

  13. lamanny99 spune:


  14. Edwin Mejia spune:

    Love this team! 3 the video could of been better tho. 2013 here we come!! Foreal dawgs

  15. Jay Butler spune:



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