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2013 Iowa State Fotbal Pump Up

O compilatie de clipuri pentru a te pompat pentru viitoarea 2013 Iowa sezon de fotbal de stat! Credit: Iowa de stat, Fox, ESPN,
Video Rating: 4/5

5 Responses to “2013 Iowa State Fotbal Pump Up”

  1. TheJolson131 spune:

    You do make an excellent point but you should have said that to the Boise
    State Broncos, or the 2010 Auburn Tigers, or Texas A&M, or ESPECIALLY
    Louisville Cardinals. Iowa State plays with, in my opinion, the biggest
    chip on their shoulder and with the most heart that I have seen in college
    football. And I watch a lot of college football.

  2. ISU4LYFE spune:

    this video is awesome, i live in Iowa and have been to over 20 ISU games
    and wouldn’t want to watch anyone else

  3. cycocyclone spune:

    I love the Lion speech, I am hoping that this team rips up this season

  4. Canadian Bacon spune:

    You’re so right bro

  5. ar huse spune:

    I like the analogy to the patient lion, but there is a problem it. You see
    in order to be a lion one must be a king. In order to be a king one must
    reign supreme. When you reign supreme you are a champion. ISU hasn’t won
    any sort of championship in football in over 100 years. Unless of course
    you are trying to make the point that ISU is a 100+ year patient lion.


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