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2013 Michigan Repere de fotbal vs ND

07 septembrie 2013 Michigan 41, Notre Dame 30.

23 Responses to “2013 Michigan Repere de fotbal vs ND”

  1. Brennan C spune:

    Hey parkinggod, I love your videos. Keep it up. Go blue!!!!!! I love to hear the raw crowd noise in the background. Ur the best

  2. ModernDiomedes spune:

    Wah wah, it’s the ref’s fault we lost. Bullshit. Gardner fricking gave you a touchdown.

  3. LilKatFilmz spune:

    *won ._.

  4. LilKatFilmz spune:

    They one because it was a home game and its the biggest stadium ._. AND this is the last time both teams are playing each other -.- #GoBucks

  5. Phoenix99155 spune:

    ESPN did. First one was dropped anyway, second one was legit

  6. LadyShillelagh spune:

    I bet you just accidentally left out the two PI calls that saved your fucking asses. Some Bull shit right there

  7. topdog4578 spune:

    Go Blue !!

  8. espress0ify spune:

    I can think of one thing better: Beating the tar out of the *uckeyes

  9. kingru839 spune:

    I work with two Dame fans,and there both going for michigan now. They want us to go undefeated. If we do and they win the rest of there games they could get a BCS at large bid because there only lose came from a undefeated team. I don’t think it’ll happen I don’t see them beating Oklahoma or Stanford.they might beat USC tho.

  10. KinqOfArt101 spune:

    Go blue!!!!!

  11. tigersfan79 spune:

    As the season goes on we will see freshman like Green and Smith play more. In the next two years it is going to be fun to see Green and Smith running the ball for Michigan.I thought Jake Butt played good against ND.

  12. arjungupta8666 spune:

    Great editing thanks!

  13. james kurtz spune:

    The outcome of the game was on the line until the last minute. Fitz was hot and why throw the team off. Greene will see 15+ carries next week.

  14. james kurtz spune:

    Absolutely nothing is better than seeing UM beat the tar out of ND.


  15. N0TS0SUBTLE spune:

    GO BLUE!!!!! Michigan is much more talented than experts casually ignore. If respect won’t be given than we’ll just take it. All the haters…just watch us dominate all season long. Michigan has been completely under rated! GO BLUE!!!!

  16. Naeem Akhtar spune:

    ND defense is weak so The Amazing Blue took advantage. Go Blue!!

  17. JRoss2410 spune:

    On that one carry though Miller completely whiffed his block and Green was dead to rights. You have to ride Fitz in a game like this for protection purposes and he had a huge run that gave us some mo late in the 4th on the drive for the last TD. Green/Smith will get their carries the next 2 weeks while the OL works out a few more kinks.

  18. Forgottenimpulse spune:

    Garnder has such Arm strength. Himself, as well as the entire Cardiac crew are going to make this year memorable!

  19. MrDunedon spune:

    Yeah…they gave Green 1 carry, just one. It went for negative yards, and then he wasn’t heard from again.

  20. PNAS99 spune:

    I know it was a big game but i felt like the freshmen rb’s Green etc should of saw the field a lil more to try and see what they could get out of the guys in big game action…Touissant is always a play away from being injured!! not that i want him to be,but its just the nature of the position

  21. MrDunedon spune:

    I was there last night…it wasn’t *quite* as good a game as UTL I, of course, but I had just as much fun this time. Amazing atmosphere.

  22. lol96 spune:

    His running game is so similar to Robinson’s that the commentator got them mixed up =D

  23. TheZooCrew spune:



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