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2013 Ole domnișoara Fotbal Hype Video

Hype videoclip pentru rebeli viitoare FINS sezonul de fotbal UP.
Video Rating: 4/5

12 Responses to “2013 Ole domnișoara Fotbal Hype Video”

  1. John Pinholster spune:

    Gonna laugh my ass off when Auburn beats yall this year

  2. Peyton Shepard spune:

    Im sorry for laughing at you.Watching Ole Miss and State in the Egg Bowl is
    like watching two retards fight over a box of red hots. Its sad (smh).

  3. Peyton Shepard spune:

    Hotty Totty Gosh almighty Bama beat the shit out of us again. Talking
    trash. national championships? Hahahahahahaha. No BAMA is THE Champ. Not
    Ole Piss. Hey Freeze, only Jesus can raise the dead. 25-0. Accept it. Maybe
    you can beat little sister next week.

  4. ryan brinner spune:

    State will be decent this year better than everybody is predicting but I
    dont see them killing Ole Miss in the egg bowl. A close game should be
    expected but I think Ole Miss gets them again.

  5. Will Rottgering spune:

    #cantputthatsh*tonthefieldanymore #MooU WAOM!!

  6. aivazj spune:

    You just might. But if you do, it’s all good, because our coach didn’t
    promise we’d never lose to y’all again. Thanks for the material.

  7. Michael S spune:

    Sweet hashtag bro.

  8. Cody M. spune:

    Hahaha man your argument is invalid! Go back to figuring out how your gonna
    unfreeze hell! Hotty Toddy!

  9. GTNPLZ spune:

    41-24 wasnt that the score? oh wait it was, this was yalls best year to
    beat us you really think when we return 20 starters and get a top 5 class
    yall have a chance hahahahah Failstate

  10. Peyton Carver spune:

    #hailstate, yall are getting to cocky for this upcoming year, we gonna kill
    yall this year

  11. MrLuke6027 spune:

    Hotty Toddy!

  12. x2G2DxWBW spune:



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