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2013 Oregon Football Official Hype Video

Duck fans…are you ready for the 2013 season?

25 Responses to “2013 Oregon Football Official Hype Video”

  1. Kayin DaCruz spune:

    That hit at 0:23

  2. Jordan. spune:

    Worst academics in the west my ass! To get in you have to have and maintain
    a 4.0gpa so fuck off.

  3. Shaquan Hall spune:


  4. TheXXApolloXx spune:


  5. Remington Mathis spune:

    De’Anthony Thomas will be going to the NFL 

  6. Steven Abramo spune:

    How many programs can go 3 straight years of Conference Championships and 4
    BCS Bowl appearances and not be called dynasty. Oregon is in Top 30 of
    College Football in alltime wins, bowls appearances. Just one offseason
    won’t stop Oregon from winning more trophies. Good luck with Washington

  7. Big Joe spune:

    Never won an National Title. only ever won ONE Rose Bowl, and while Uncle
    Phil pays for great uniforms, they have the WORST reputation for academics
    in the West.
    Sorry, but the hype is BS.
    Compare their legacy in academics to Washington, UCLA, Oregon State and
    others, and what they have Actually ever accomplished with REAL titles.
    NO NT, ONE Rose Bowl win, worst graduation rate in the PAC12, hardly any
    players getting to the NFL…
    To the young recruits – just please do your homework guys.
    Oregon will NEVER be a dynasty and have peaked. They are on the downhill
    spiral now.

  8. dangelo thomas spune:

    Im from bama but oregon my fav team

  9. 79steelymatt spune:

    „Wait until next year” Ducks that is your battle cry-your team will never
    win a Title you cannot recruit nationally and your slide will begin very
    soon.Bye Bye Title and Bye Bye Heisman-Kind of reminds me of 2007.Nice
    uniforms by the way-you guys won the fruitiest uniforms title again this
    year-what is that 4 or 5 straight uniform-titles?

  10. Brandon May spune:

    Most overrated team ever

  11. Kaleb Achuff spune:

    Big joe is wrong best team in the league going to championship

  12. jack cockrell 27 spune:

    go duck are beast

  13. Rob Garcia spune:


  14. Emily Loeffler spune:

    Gotta Love My Ducks

  15. Dan Downing spune:


  16. William Evans spune:

    oregon here we come if u think oregon take all like me comment

  17. Newkicks Daily spune:

    Lets kick some ass!

  18. Dallas Carnahan spune:

    Oregon played Auburn in the Nat’l title 2 years ago. USC has 11 national
    titles alone.

  19. Nightstalker1813 spune:

    Do the doctors and staff know you are using the computer?

  20. 101Tigerbait spune:

    we lost to the national champs in who we did beat then we lost to florida
    who went 11-2 then we lost to clemson when the team didnt even want to be
    there. guess what bitch? LSU 40 oregon 27. you dont own shit. still no
    national titles and your head coach bailed on your asses. you dont have
    near the talent to beat us either. you know louisiana produces the most NFL
    talent right? we get that all every year and we win more than yall. suck
    shit bitch

  21. qdogg1221 spune:

    what is the song call

  22. pixelsoul spune:

    Um… Oregon’s football team was started in 1894 and it has one of the
    oldest civil war rivalries in the country with Oregon State. Before I (I
    really never do) head on over to talk shit about another team, I typically
    do my research before I do so to keep my self from looking like a total
    moron. Now it may not have all the glory and fame of some other teams but
    it’s „history” goes back further than most.

  23. Mollin H spune:

    He is am dad john helfrich a brother love his office

  24. Burger God spune:

    Hey 101tigerbait! Why don’t u shut up because we all know that oregon can
    beat the shit out of LSU and and run circles around them like they did
    against Kansas state in the fiesta bowl! LSU won’t be a top 5 team 2013
    season! HAHAHAHA!

  25. iluvfirenze89 spune:

    Please, not only do the stupid PAC teams have weak OOC schedules, that PAC
    12 is one hell of a pussy weak conference. Please, the PAC has a losing 6-9
    record in bowl games the last 2 seasons, and its bowl wins were over weak
    opponents that were big underdogs, and the pussy PAC -12 hasn’t play a
    single SEC team in the postseason. lol They didn’t play a single SEC team,
    and they still have a losing postseason record. lol No PAC-12 team deserves
    to play in the NC game.


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