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2013 Texas A&M Football Official Hype Video


​​Aggie … esti gata pentru sezonul 2013?

25 Responses to “2013 Texas A&M Football Official Hype Video”

  1. Dustin Avila spune:

    The song is, „It’z Just What We Do” by Florida Georgia Line

  2. sethbeast4 spune:

    Go AGGIES!

  3. Poor Metaphor spune:

    what is the named of the song used?

  4. WhiteNinja09 spune:

    Not official. Sorry. Good try, good effort.

  5. Longhorns Fan spune:

    What would be awesome if we met you guys in a National Championship, that
    would make history and probably be the craziest game of all time.

  6. Rex TexasAggie spune:

    I spend my waking hours going to t-sip sites to make witless
    comments..really? Those that harbor jealousy and envy manifesting hate will
    act out this way. It’s textbook psychology. Clearly, a deep seeded healing
    is required for the plagued. Till then…remember that jealousy and envy
    are the art of counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of your own.

  7. Rex TexasAggie spune:

    Thanks for that comment! Seems we would come together now since there is no
    annual competition on the field. Good luck this year, but not off to a good

  8. Rich Loring spune:

    gay vid

  9. JDSGraphics spune:

    I think this is better suited IMO /watch?v=GoCOg8ZzUfg

  10. Ben Harper spune:

    Aggies is just average without head case johnny football! We’re seeing that
    since Aggies couldn’t pull away from rice until the second half

  11. Aggies Suck spune:

    It’s pretty fucking Awesome to see the Aggies compromise their entire
    identity & everything they stand for just to FINALLY win a few football
    games. „An Aggie never lies, nor cheats, nor steals or tolerates anyone
    who….oh, never mind. What time is yell practice?

  12. cowboyup3914 spune:

    Shepherd of Fire started a little late fits this video perfectly!

  13. Rachael Rahn spune:

    This audio is awful! Get a different song.

  14. James French spune:

    Stupid fucking Song

  15. BoWThunder21 spune:

    „Itz Just What We DO” by florida georgia line. I like the song, but not on
    this promo

  16. MrMylesmetts spune:

    What song is this?


    @marine4life510 tell that to alabama fans. They dont stop talking shit to

  18. Hector Gonzalez spune:

    its goes to hah

  19. Alec swayer spune:

    Lsu just sucks now… No more good players.. And yes texas A&M will beat

  20. marine4life510 spune:

    Ill never understand how people talk shit about a school that beat them the
    previous year. Idiots… And coming from a Gator fan… Death Valley is
    miserable to play in… I love the swamp but Jesus… Death Valley at night
    is the toughest place to play

  21. noah spune:

    How about everyone shuts up and let’s the play on the field handle the
    talking just saying

  22. franconese01 spune:

    Most schools that aren’t historically Black are predominantly White, but
    you’ll find that at the top academic institutions the White population is
    around 70%; Asians account for 20-30%, and Black & Hispanic students
    combined only account for 10% or less of the student population. Texas
    schools probably have a larger Hispanic population.

  23. 101Tigerbait spune:

    to bad yall wont. your comin to the best home field advantage in sports.
    the loudest and most intimdating. kyle field doesnt have shit on death
    valley and never will. get used to losing consistantly to us. wont be long
    until johnny fagboy is gone and the faggies go back to shit like always.
    GEAUX TIGERS 24-19

  24. 101Tigerbait spune:

    cause texas am is a racist ass school

  25. Richard Hay spune:

    Prominently featuring the Fightin Texas Aggie Band
    *Can’t say I love the song though – Give me some David Allen Coe*


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