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Abandoned Football Grounds

O colecție de pierdut stadioane de fotbal a lăsat în paragină și prea mare o Insite trist, dar refrigerare în vremurile financiare ale lumii fotbalului de astăzi.

25 Responses to “Abandoned Football Grounds”

  1. hoggy2much999 spune:

    You should do this video again and add Celtic Park to that list.

    Recently over the last couple of seasons there have been more SEATS at the
    game than fans.

  2. Kieran O'Neill spune:

    Ninian park has a housing estate on it now 

  3. Alison Baxter spune:

    how about „champion hill” do Dulwich Hamlet still play there? great old
    ground so much charecter

  4. william mitchell spune:

    I’m surprised that Horton Park Avenue (Bradford Park Avenue) wasn’t there,
    it was bigger than most of the ones mentioned in this video

  5. Isaac Broad spune:

    the old vic we didnt abandon we had no choice we had to leave

  6. Wallington Mark spune:

    Hopefully Wimbledon will have a home game at the New Plough Lane after 25
    years of being away from home.

  7. Isaac Broad spune:

    Upton Park next

  8. hornet from watford spune:

    boothferry road hull is now a new housing estate but at least they are
    calling the roads and closes after the ground/hopefully ex players too

  9. GinSkimPivot spune:

    That’s kind – thank you. A very emotive video. Strange, how we can feel
    such sadness for inanimate structures that were once so alive with people.
    Nice job.

  10. Chris tmas spune:

    Acknowledged my mistake!

  11. Chris tmas spune:

    You know what they say…???

  12. Chris tmas spune:

    At the time of upload these pictures were not available…Sorry

  13. Chris tmas spune:

    Very few show signs of even being present atall now.

  14. Chris tmas spune:

    Acknowledged my mistake!

  15. Chris tmas spune:

    Acknowledged my mistake!

  16. Chris tmas spune:

    Pictures of the ground when shut were extremely hard to come by.

  17. Chris tmas spune:

    Acknowledged my mistake!

  18. Chris tmas spune:

    The music is by Artic Night – Large Forest-(Original mix)

  19. GinSkimPivot spune:

    Anyone know the music, please?

  20. catblanket14uk spune:

    Lol Ibrox

  21. John Terry spune:

    millmoor still exists as well

  22. MCFCBROWN spune:

    Scarborough went bust completely didn’t they?

  23. michaelzzzzzzzzzzzz spune:

    Ninian Park – Cardiff City Last of the old style atmospheric stadiums RIP

  24. Alan Stewart spune:

    Firs Park wasnt Falkirk fc but East Stirlingshire fc, Dalkirk played at

  25. dingo23451 spune:

    That music spaced me out


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