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Americans on Soccer/Football

Asking Americans some questions about football By: Baha Salamah
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25 Responses to “Americans on Soccer/Football”

  1. Mehdi Mjidila spune:

    Liverton United, that could be a very good team Hahahaha 

  2. iceCOLEd5 spune:

    Lewis Gilmore. I don’t give a fuck what the name is, and they wear „armor”
    because they need it. Would you call soldiers posies because they wear

  3. Sean Smurfy spune:

    One challenge is getting americans to increase their attention span for
    longer than 11 seconds. Another is low scoring, 1 goal equals 1 goal,
    unlike one touchdown equals 6 points. You see, not all 0-0 draws in
    football were awful matches, though this is the next step. To begin with,
    just remember, it is low scoring cause you don’t get loads of invisible
    points, and practice increasing your attention span for more than 11
    seconds. You’ll be out of them tights you wear in american football and
    putting on a football outfit in no time, to play your first football match,
    and bring your kids along to play too, so as to one day see your
    grandchildren play with you, and see the football being played all over the
    land, ha ha 

  4. HBGamezHD spune:

    The guy in red is speaking like a english commentator lol. Properly the
    only one i respect there. I never expected Americans to be that stupid when
    it comes to football. Im from the UK/Netherlands so im pretty good when it
    comes to football.

  5. InstrumentalsBeats spune:

    Football, the beautiful game. The single most popular sport in Europe,
    Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

  6. Nick sysysyy spune:

    The last World Cup was in 2008? I’d laugh for 30 minutes if this was any
    other country than America.

  7. Christian Liu spune:

    liverton! hahahahah yes. but the rest of the video was excruciating to
    watch lol (and i got the bordeaux/zidane q right! woo)

  8. Riloman17 spune:

    Dear non-Americans,

    We do exist.

    Sincerely, American soccer/football enthusiasts

  9. Euuuhhhful spune:

    hahah had a good laugh

  10. Tyler Dohse spune:

    This hurt to watch.. Coming from an American. 

  11. Stuart campbell spune:

    Howzit Rob,Jo’burg is hot today 31 deg c wish i could send you some heat to
    melt the snow,but you might end up like the U.K. drowning,the weather all
    over the world has gone crazy,but i’d still rather be here than there for
    now anyway,we’ve also had some terrible storms,but nothing like the U.S.or
    the U.K. hope things improve,just watch Liverpool win games that ought to
    take your mind off the shit Y.N.W.A.bru

  12. pojomon1234 spune:

    annnd this is why americans shouldnt be allowed to watch football, that guy
    with the arsenal top saying that he likes adebayor shouldnt be allowed

  13. Mohammad Ardy spune:

    Liverton, when Stevie and Baines playing together. :)

  14. Jocky Rohnson spune:

    Even kickball has more contact than soccer. 

  15. DennisCastro100 spune:

    I like how that girl says that her favorite team is Real Madrid and yet she
    does not know who is Gareth Bale.

  16. Jared Williams spune:

    Dear England,

    Please do yourself a favor and check the FIFA World Rankings, the U.S. is
    two slots ahead of England and not all Americans hate football.

    Sincerely, An American

  17. innoutpandaexpresss spune:

    I think interviews like this are BS. It’s only meant to showcase the
    uneducated while cutting out the decent ones. It’s all for views.

  18. chandalsaitan spune:

    seriously.. they dont know lionel messi, i mean are they living in this
    same world as me? 

  19. Milagros L spune:

    What an idiots. Thats why i love live in Argentina 

  20. iWatthana spune:

    This guy looks like Colin Kaepernick.

  21. Muhammad Banu spune:

    Liverton ey? dont know Messi and Maradona came from Mexico and fan of
    Adebayor weared Arsenal kit and last World Cup was 2008. Well said

  22. Arifin Chorong spune:

    This is hilarious. I should do this video in my country too. Hahaha.

  23. gheatgenius24 spune:

    Liverton- You’ll never 78

  24. battlep0t spune:

    Saying „I like Adebayor” while wearing an Arsenal top is a bit like saying
    that you are great friends with the guy who slept with your wife.

  25. Benicio Grosso spune:

    Why do Americans call it „soccer”? it’s football for Christ’s sake!!! USA
    is not the center of the world!!! Brasil has won the cup 5 times, not 8!!
    And Steven Gerrardplays for Liverpool, and Torres plays for Chelsea..2008
    last world cup???!!! Manchester City is the local rival of Man U… What’s
    wrong with you guys?? The whole world call it FOOTBALL, not „soccer” Stop
    calling it soccer, that’s not even a word!! my god!!


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