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Arizona Football Cribs

Checkout how the Arizona Football team spends the night before home games.
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15 Responses to “Arizona Football Cribs”

  1. joel lewis spune:

    Lookin Good Wildcats!!! NOW LET’S TAKE THIS SEASON!!!!!!! BEARDOWN!!!!!!

  2. shamrock32 spune:

    Shut the fuck up kurt, go back to cooking meth in your double wide…

  3. swick825 spune:

    its la paloma you retards.

  4. shamrock32 spune:

    What is the music at 2:02 from??????

  5. john matte spune:

    Come and try it instead of hidden on your keyboard behind your screen…
    PUSSY…ahaha.. you are just a little BITCH and you know it.. ahahaha lol

  6. kevin brown spune:

    Your an idiot Kurt !!!

  7. Jackiefig90 spune:

    Does anybody know which hotel this is

  8. Samuel Miller spune:

    Wow that is a nice hotel

  9. Jimmy Cunningham spune:

    what’s your point dipshit? u gonna say that they should get paid? get that
    shit outta here.

  10. slimjim1095 spune:

    so this is why my tuition is so expensive…

  11. Matthew Beck spune:

    do u realize how much money these guys make for the school, way more than
    this hotel costs

  12. swick825 spune:

    mexicans only

  13. Julian Hicks spune:

    Dis someone teach you to be that stupid or were you just born that way?

  14. Robert Michael spune:

    I dont know how the Athletic Dept can make it more plain. The Athletic
    Dept. is fully self-sufficient. They generate and spend their own money.
    You all want winning teams, but don think it takes any money. This video
    will show future recruits a little bit of how the UA does ‘business’ on
    gameday. As far as being too expensive, tickets arent that bad, and the
    last thing you do before heading to Arizona Stadium is eat. Dont forget to
    take your own unopened water, Cheap-asses! And stay all game.

  15. Cody Deeran spune:

    The Westin La Paloma up in the Foothills


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