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Auburn Football: The Team of Destiny 2013 HD

Please watch in HD. A short montage of the last month of Auburn Football. WAR DAMN EAGLE. Narrator in the video is Will Herring, former LB for the Tigers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Auburn Football: The Team of Destiny 2013 HD”

  1. PewPew RNG spune:

    Noles Fan here. Liked the Vid. Inspirational shit. I don’t get why so many
    people hate on this. Butthurt Bama Fans huh?

  2. Raye2U spune:

    Why cant Auburns football helmets be WHITE..instead of a dingy white color.
    Bright white football pants and a dingy white looking helmet.

  3. will stone spune:

    It would be funny to see FSU win just because auburn thinks they are the
    team of destiny, then FSU would be the team of destiny haha

  4. Daniel USN spune:

    im a huge auburn fan probably the biggest there is that BCS game was the
    best game played no much heart was ever given in one game as that both team
    showed so much fight so much agility so much heart it will forever be known
    as the greatest national championship ever played when that 00 mark hit
    that clock the score was 31 34 my heart dropped I couldn’t go to sleep It
    but I know next season will be great and I know Florida state and auburn
    will face again and that game will be better than this one no matter what
    team wins

  5. zzLIAMzz11 spune:

    that speech was too sweet

  6. Daniel Allen spune:

    Who was that giving the speech before the iron bowl game? Hands down one of
    the best locker room speeches I’ve ever heard

  7. Kyle Brazeau spune:

    +frehstan lol you do realize that the SEC is made up of about 3 national
    worthy teams. Dont make the SEC sound like the greatest thing since jesus
    christ. Yes good conference but not every team in your conference is a
    dominant team.

  8. SCE2AUX2 spune:

    As good an ending to the BCS as anyone could hope for.

  9. uofga1998 spune:

    Finally a national championship where its good if either team loses.
    Hopefully they both can.

  10. pat faulkenberry spune:

    What an AUsome way to start my week, remembering 2013 as the Year of coach
    Gus Malzahn, Auburn’s destiny football team and so many other memories. War
    Eagle from Ono Island, Alabama and Perdido Key, Florida. I am thankful to
    be working with Main Street Properties, 13578 Perdido Key Drive,
    Listing and SELLING Real Estate on the Gulf of Mexico and ONO ISLAND !!!
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  11. Matt Gaskin spune:

    as an citizen of the state of Alabama and a huge fan of Auburn, this was
    the best video ever to capture what happened thanks!!! AND WAR DAMN EAGLE!

  12. klimaxxx06 spune:

    Auburn was a team of LUCK not destiny…their luck ran out. There is only
    ONE premier football team in Alabama that finishes and wins
    championships…..Its the Crimson Tide.

    When we play for national titles…we win. Roll Damn Tide

  13. Kiara McAlpine spune:

    So many haters on this video. Smh, no matter if you’re doing good or bad,
    someone out there is not going to like it. FSU, you’re next! Time to shut
    all the SEC and Auburn haters up once again! War Eagle!

  14. michael carpenter spune:

    I see that there are still some bitter Bammers on here that are still
    bitter that their dreams of a 3peat died faster than Bear Bryant and Mal
    Moore. Burn in hell Bammer Trash!!

  15. IAmaPersion spune:

    Way to go Noles!!! Sorry Auburn fans. You can’t win with a miracle all the

  16. Tim .whatthehellruthinking spune:

    You can here the passion in Bo’s voice .. The last time I heard anyone
    speak like that is was at half time in 2010 Clemson when Cam addressed the
    team. What has been great about this season Auburn has done it and left a
    impression on the nation not just the Auburn Family .. 1 more game still
    work to do .Again Auburn has not been given much of a chance… Stay
    focused in the task in hand .. bring back the BCS title .Because Auburn
    Deserve it .. Auburn did not luck into the BCS title Game .. You damn
    well earned the shot ….. NOW let show the Nation why….. WDE!!!

  17. devin504fms spune:

    the f ups of the sec lmao 

  18. Zach Canfield spune:

    When the Tigers win, I’m gonna have nothing but goosebumps

  19. Joy Tadlock spune:

    Bo knows how to give a motivational speech! War Eagle! 

  20. John Dalbor spune:

    it would have been a great ending if auburn had won the BCS but i know they
    tried their hearts out to beat florida st.WAR DAMN EAGLE!!

  21. Ian Wierzba spune:

    name of the begining song?

  22. TheDarkblade511 spune:

    A little luck is not so bad. War eagle

  23. NurseKittyKat spune:

    WAR DAMN EAGLE. The table have turn last yr i was so upset watching bama
    abd Ga playing because i knew who ever won that game was goin to win the
    title beacasue N.D. suck

  24. BipolarJustin spune:

    I do not care auburn lost since we beat alabama 🙂 

  25. Kemon Johnson spune:

    The beginning of the video is sick!!!


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