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Clemson fotbal „Hill”

O experiență ca nimeni altul. Frecare „The Rock” si „Running pe deal în jos”, de la Clemson.
Video Rating: 4/5

25 Responses to “Clemson fotbal „Hill””

  1. Ben Fawbush spune:

    Clempson rocks

  2. CONDOR spune:

    3:42-4:02 kinda reminds me of an opening scene to Call of Duty, just saying

  3. rich dorman spune:

    legal battle? pfft yet another comment of bull shit by a tiger fan who will
    never learn. This years senior class will leave knowing they failed to beat
    the great South Carolina Gamecocks.

  4. Jennifer Johnson spune:

    USC is the University of Southern California, There was a lawsuit over the
    USC emblem, and SCar lost, so now they can only put SC on their attire.
    Clemson is the University of SC though!

  5. Todd Phillips spune:


  6. chevyman6033 spune:

    Carolina lost to Georgia and went to 12th then after a close win to UCF
    they dropped to 13th and almost lost to Kentucky and dropped to 14th…. I
    think that’s pretty funny

  7. chevyman6033 spune:

    USC- University of Southern California

  8. Abdullah Mahmoud spune:

    Rubbish this is crappppo

  9. Jase Peeler spune:

    Excuse me, but what are you ranked?

  10. Jase Peeler spune:

    and which usc south Carolina or so cal?

  11. cusousa spune:

    I don’t understand why all these people keep telling me „USC” means the
    University of South Carolina….When I Google „USC” all i find is the
    University of Southern California…I think these people are lying to
    me….Has this USC of South Carolina won any championships? I can’t find
    them anywhere…Maybe it is a small school with poorer academics?

  12. Davis Elkins spune:

    USC= University of South Carolina..

  13. TheCinemaQueen spune:

    In the south, #USC stands for the University of South Carolina

  14. Vince Villanueva spune:

    I had NO idea about Howard’s Rock, but as a college football fan (UCLA – Go
    Bruins!), I feel like THIS is what college football is about. The
    traditions, the team, the fans, the atmosphere. Hats off to Clemson and
    good luck this year!

  15. cusousa spune:

    Hahaha I cheer against USC any time I can…I don’t like lane kiffen at all!

  16. cusousa spune:

    I have seen people fall but i have never seen a player actually get hurt. A
    couple of years ago we invited back the national championship team from
    1981 and one guy fell and snapped his leg. So yeah people have gotten hurt,
    it is steeper than it looks and there is a leveled out spot about half way
    down that if you don’t slow down you hit it pretty hard.

  17. ronscott7 spune:

    Ignore him, the average USC fan is a douchebag. They don’t know anything
    about anybody else’s traditions. Im UCLA fan and Im saying I love Clemson’s

  18. ronscott7 spune:

    Watching the entrance last weekend I have to ask this, have any Clemson
    players ever gotten hurt coming down that hill???

  19. Katie Vasilakos spune:

    OSU is Ohio State. We don’t worry a thing about OkSt or Oregon St!

  20. Harrison DuRant spune:

    In South Carolina, we refer to SCAR as USC. The two schools actually got
    into the dumbest legal battle in history over the rights to „USC” and the
    Trojans won, so to the rest of the nation, USC is Southern Cal. TONS of
    other colleges use the same 2-3 letters to be referred to with no problem.
    Only SCAR and USC could get their panties in a wad and fight about it.

  21. Harrison DuRant spune:

    You even lost a legal battle that said you’re not the real „USC”. Go scream
    at a judge about it.

  22. paranormalstatefan spune:

    USC may also mean south carolina

  23. cusousa spune:

    thats the joke lol

  24. HouseofGlory14 spune:

    People are just ignorant. Like Really? You’re gonna Vandalize Howard’s
    Rock? I’m losing hope for Humanity.

  25. Kody Brinson spune:

    nope. still looking


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