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Colegiul de Fotbal cele mai grele Hits 2012-2013 (HD)

Cel mai greu Vizualizari din 2012-2013 sezon. Song: Young Jeezy – Flexin Toate Righgts apartin proprietarului de muzică și gthe NCAA.
Video Rating: 4/5

24 Responses to “Colegiul de Fotbal cele mai grele Hits 2012-2013 (HD)”

  1. Aidan Swanson spune:


  2. chikwadoaku anyichie spune:

    damn now dats some hard ass hitting, to bad i’m better.*)

  3. Erik Olson spune:

    Half of these are pussy-ass hits on defenseless receivers. Not trying to hate, but anyone can make a hit on someone who doesn’t see it coming look huge. I appreciate the hits where both guys know its coming and are going head-to-head far more. That is all.

  4. twiff10 spune:

    0:30 looks like the hardest

  5. Stupcat kesha spune:

    Crazy clip. Awesome film. My brother was formerly overweight. He reworked himself from 293lbs of fat to 209 lbs of complete lean muscle mass. That shit was crazy! I just signed up personally coz I want to expand my physique. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  6. AlienBreakdown spune:

    holy shit rap music is fucking trash

  7. akilus won spune:

    Ha tht dude grab the cheerleader

  8. Jared Martin spune:

    You think the person making this video is a florida fan?

  9. wilsonkettel03 spune:

    1:56 Get on my level!

  10. Viktor Vasilev spune:

    I play LB in high school and Dick Butkus is like an idol for me so i too would appreciate his hits being shown but it says college football 2012-2013

  11. Ronnie Boyd spune:

    Damn u want blacks to do everything?

  12. Ronnie Boyd spune:

    Most of them are white??? Shit u got black runnin that thang, catching that thang and throwing that thang

  13. zgxglitchers spune:


  14. orangemyk spune:


  15. green jew spune:

    2:41 – the clowney hit*

  16. boris canada spune:


  17. Rebecca Rainey spune:

    what song is his by and what song is it because I lov. it and the hits!!!

  18. MrTwiddlez spune:

    Dick Butkus, Jack lambert, Ray Nitschke, and John Lynch? All known for their hard hits, hell Dick Butkus is known for being the hardest hitter in nfl history.

  19. Peter Rivera spune:

    I dont Agree with that Statement

  20. Richard Phillips spune:

    Ha you lied

  21. MrTwiddlez spune:

    That’s funny because probably the hardest hitters in football history most of em are white.

  22. themightydumbass spune:

    1:15 daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn lmaoo

  23. colvilleindians50 spune:

    Good video

  24. Machuor Akau spune:

    word, that’s Matt Elam for you he’s a crazy beast


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