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College Football 2012-2013 Season Highlights (Part 2) | Catches, Hits, Fails, Amazing Plays Etc.

A Year In Review Sorta Highlight Video Showing The Best And Worst Plays Of The 2012-2013 College Football Season Hope You Enjoy! And Go Oregon Ducks! Win The…
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25 Responses to “College Football 2012-2013 Season Highlights (Part 2) | Catches, Hits, Fails, Amazing Plays Etc.”

  1. maddin74 spune:

    3:45 Name?

  2. Show/Beno spune:

    lol did anyone else notice the Ref knock down one of the players XD 2:40

  3. Jalil Gibson spune:

    Wats the name of the last song

  4. Frostinferno24 spune:

    First Song: „Boston Lights” – Moufy
    Second Song: „I” – Luke Cristopher

  5. Seth O'Connell spune:

    2:42 what? lol

  6. Light Truther spune:

    I heard rap and then i stopped watching

  7. Matheus Garcia spune:

    Song name ?

  8. tyson giles spune:

    Best thing eva {ExPlicxt|

  9. joshua latortue spune:

    dat run at 104 was great cuz he pulled a hamstring and kept goin for 30

  10. Fredrik Petersson spune:

    First song name?

  11. omit hassan spune:

    The first song name

  12. Cameron W spune:

    Whats the name of the songs?

  13. Davis Wells spune:

    at 1:01 I think the running back got injured?

  14. thegreathambino5 spune:

    Music sucks

  15. Andyyx3 spune:

    2:42 Ref Hits player XD 

  16. shawn joseph spune:


  17. meigan moss spune:

    at 2:44 THE REF knocked the player down

  18. NinjaReflexes spune:

    First song: Moufy – Boston Lights

    Second song: „I” – Luke Christopher

  19. i dont care spune:

    Bullshit on that last play. Touchdown my ass

  20. Richard Roza spune:

    How do you not the the best college team UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA

  21. Lakersfan2731 spune:

    he ran like a man he just barely made it at 0:56

  22. Andrew Marshall spune:

    219 German suplex

  23. Herman Daoang-Gray spune:

    Boston Lights

  24. john westbrook spune:

    That kid at like 3:20 is the kicker with autism at brick highschool in NJ

  25. ThePatskid315 spune:

    This drop was nasty! My man got leveled


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