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College Football 2013-2014 Pump Up „Just Keep Breathing”

video pentru a obține ai intensificată pentru viitorul 2013-2014 sezonului de fotbal colegiu. Noi nu dețin drepturi la oricare dintre clipuri video sau audio postat. Doar ne place …

25 Responses to “College Football 2013-2014 Pump Up „Just Keep Breathing””

  1. Spencer Hall spune:

    Cool video it was the best college football pump up I ever seen

  2. CRinehart20 spune:

    Words cant describe how amazing this video is.

  3. herostHate spune:

    Wow that went Deep man, great Vid greets from Germany! Keep it up!

  4. LStryde4 spune:

    This video is so perfect in all the ways when it comes to inspiration and
    motivation. Thank you

  5. Norman Stolba spune:

    I love how it ended with oregon. GO DUCKS!! thank you great video

  6. Tim Riggins spune:

    great video too bad for the awful quality:(

  7. golden assisian spune:

    very very good video its very powerful

  8. Brandon Boswell spune:

    Beginning had me choke up like a little b.. well done video

  9. epicredbullboy spune:

    Like you

  10. KGC BearsNation spune:

    this is real motivation…..good work

  11. nickiepoo33 spune:

    That song sucks dick

  12. Luca Miller spune:

    I listen to this before every practice best pump up the second is „run for

  13. Quinn Swanson spune:

    The Best pump I have EVER seen, The little kid almost made me cry, and the
    man going to the game. you did awesome dude.

  14. Caleb Goodell spune:

    my first game is tonight… i watch this before every practice every
    scrimmage and obviously im watching it today…this is such an
    inspirational video and is my favorite one, please keep making videos

  15. Mathew stewart spune:

    Dude I troll these videos all day every day on the off SEASON I have
    watched thousands and only a hand full made me shed a MAN TEAR thank you
    for this. GO DUCKS WTD!

  16. Luca Miller spune:

    First practice back from knee injury!

  17. Easton Bentjen spune:

    I cryed love the passion everyone has for the game GBR

  18. beebler26 spune:

    Absolutely amazing video. Good job!

  19. ihatefindingafulname spune:

    War Damn Eagle

  20. 75FSu spune:

    Gets me pumped up

  21. David Fonseca spune:

    im digging this video football isnt always just bone crunching hits with
    jukes and nice uniforms its the love for the sport and for one another
    Great vid man opened my eyes…

  22. slimshady4000 spune:

    We goin to the game pops!

  23. Delta060594 spune:

    What game was that ticket for

  24. Dylan Holt spune:

    Chills. Amazing. I’m ready to go out and play. Great job man, best pump up
    vid out there

  25. ignitehighlights spune:

    Dude appreciate it for real! More to come and again thanks for the comment


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