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Cum se instalează Facepacks | Football Manager 2014

instrucțiunile scrise sunt în descrierea! Toate de credit merge la baietii de la peste SortItOutSI pentru acest facepack fantastic. În opinia mea, cele mai bune disponibile. Manager de fotbal Face Pack …
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25 Responses to “Cum se instalează Facepacks | Football Manager 2014”

  1. Allan Pether spune:

    Cannot get sortitoutsi face packs to appear in the game although
    they can be seen when viewing the graphics faces folder I created ?

  2. 恩 馬懷 spune:

    Do you need to start a new game or will it update my current game?

  3. Sabri Bin Salim spune:

    Is it possible to install it in the game directory instead of my documents?

  4. Filip Skladaný spune:

    why I do not have the documents in the Graphics folder?

  5. Jordan Whitehouse spune:

    does this work for mac?

  6. Rupee Kako spune:

    Hi, can you use the sortitoutsi mega face pack from fm13?

  7. tonka1983 spune:

    thank you, nice vid 🙂

  8. ReQleq spune:

    Where to get club logos & kits?

  9. Dark Fusion spune:

    Which one is better CM Revolution Cut-Out Megapack v.1.1 or Cut Out Player
    Faces Megapack >?

  10. RockStarmyths spune:

    The time you wasted writing this comment should’ve been used to create an
    account at the website so you could download the file.

  11. fghjper spune:

    Not me either :(((

  12. fghjper spune:

    I can’t find it! :O

  13. MrDY1909 spune:

    After going to preferences doing all the steps and faces have loaded up, do
    you leave the box: Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences

  14. Paul Baker spune:

    Thanks for getting back to me. I can not see that button? :o(

  15. newygreek spune:

    Guys, you might want to make sure the config.xml file is in the graphics
    folder. It didnt work for me until that was present in the folder.

  16. Sam Hulston spune:

    Can some tell me what file to open the torrent with? I download the small
    thing from the torrent but it won’t open in any format for me? Cheers

  17. WorkTheSpace spune:

    There’s a small ‘no thanks’ button in the top right

  18. Paul Baker spune:

    Hi, I’ve just done what you did in you vid, but when I click on the Torrent
    to download it’s asking me to log in before download, via Facebook or

  19. ryan lawson spune:

    Can you do this without using torrents

  20. Sam Thomas spune:

    Hi, if i downloaded the facepacks on the last fm13 can i use them ones for
    fm14? 🙂 many thanks

  21. JoeEyesLFC spune:

    Jerk it out – The Ceasars

  22. WorkTheSpace spune:

    You can change the FM14 folder location in-game mannually

  23. psvf1fan spune:

    Hey Jack, how did you get the Sports Interactive file to the D: drive
    without it resetting itself every time you start Football Manager? Because
    on my FM 13, just moving the files to the E: drive (where i want them) it
    just keeps creating a new file on my C: drive. Please help me out!

  24. CalzuhUK spune:

    Hey Jack, do you remember the song you used in the intro? Thanks:D

  25. brynaz1 spune:

    As much as I want to get the faces, the last time I did something like this
    I got a virus 🙁 So I think I’m going to give it a miss


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