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Donegal v Mayo : FULL MATCH : 2012 Football Final

Thousand Foot Krutch – Casting Crowns – For King And Country – Matt Maher – The Classic Crime – Mat Kearney – Intohimo.
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25 Responses to “Donegal v Mayo : FULL MATCH : 2012 Football Final”

  1. TheJigglyJuggler spune:

    Wow this is the fucking best sport in the world.

  2. Anh Quan Chu spune:

    So basically this is playing football with your hand lol, so every player
    could fucking become a goal keeper lol

  3. Latz spune:

    This is the first Gaelic football match I have ever seen. Once I understood
    the rules, I found this sport quite interesting and enjoyable. I will
    recommend it for others in my country.

  4. Tchado1000 spune:

    WHY ISNT THIS SPORT INTERNATIONAL ???? this is amazing !!!!!

  5. Harry Michelson spune:

    This is a very interesting sport. I will definitely watch more of it!

  6. Shaun Durnin spune:

    i play for a team in Philadelphia, St. Pat’s Donegal Philadelphia GFC.
    It’s the best thing ever.

  7. MeteorX11 spune:

    This is better than football (soccer), rugby, american football all

  8. GemmaSynderella spune:

    the GAA slogan of ” Nothing Beats Being There” is 100% true. I was lucky
    enough to get a ticket for that match and the atmosphere was amazing. I was
    11 months the last time Donegal lifted Sam, so i needed to be there. I’ll
    never forget that day … Hon Donegal!!!

  9. Falih Saukhan spune:

    „Mayo’ sauce?? :))

  10. BrandonJ TheBJ spune:

    can somone explain legal tackles?

  11. Rising Of The Moon spune:

    I was there to witness Mayo do the business… 4-17 1-10

  12. david smith spune:

    HA HA i replyed to you after about a week cause i work and have a very
    fullfilling and beautifull life,i dont sit around every second of every day
    on utube like you,u replyed with 10 mins,you sad sad unskillfull mulla
    loner who like most unskillfull GAY-LICK players and followers will alwasy
    have a chip on there shoulders,HA HA….

  13. SportIrish spune:

    Cheers Kilkenny.

  14. SkaffBear spune:

    do they ever hit the ball with their head?


    a masters would tend to mean im highly skilled but maybe they dont teach
    you that in the dole queue, back in your box

  16. stoneyquarter991 spune:

    not a version of soccer it has been played in ireland long before soccer
    was invented

  17. huamiify spune:

    Gaelic football players usually a bit bigger and stronger than soccer
    players, its probably just the far out angle that the camera is at that
    makes them look small

  18. slimj olshea spune:

    this is the strangest sport ive ever seen enjoyed it though which country
    is this played

  19. david smith spune:

    masters degree,ha ha, and ive already told you that im irish,ha ha,you
    unskillfull retard………….

  20. stoneyquarter991 spune:

    oh 800.000 in the gaa are nobody 250,000 men who play it nobody 150000
    women who play it nobody,1million who attend matches nobody.Yes your dead
    right nobody

  21. IAmCanadian1990 spune:

    This sport looks sickkk

  22. TheHorrorfan122 spune:

    im from mayo…………..mayo 4-17 donegal 1-10. hahahahha UP MAYO

  23. IAmCanadian1990 spune:

    10:21 is what made this sport interesting to me. After the guys roughed up
    the player in green, he got up n punched a man in the face. Made me go grab
    some popcorn

  24. thenamelessone3 spune:

    Who is not Irish, or lives in Ireland, but loves this sport?

  25. david smith spune:

    im very knowledgable about the most followed and respected sport in the
    world,SOCCER,i dont want to know anything about this mulla farmer
    game,played but frustarted farmers and failed soccer players,just stick to
    playing with sheep in fields and leave the skillfull sports to us that know
    about it………….


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