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Drill Board – Texas A & M primavara Fotbal

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25 Responses to “Drill Board – Texas A & M primavara Fotbal”

  1. Kelly Kruize spune:

    Wht happened to #90

  2. damion may spune:

    RIP Polo #90

  3. SquidGunman spune:

    I bet you Nick Saban and the Tide don’t get beaten by Johnny Foosball
    twice! I’ll be lookin’ you up next Saturday night and we’ll be talking
    Danny boy!

  4. eric b spune:

    Thats what the tide said last year and A&M rolled right over that tide
    laundry detergent…And if the tide likes to tax dat ass of other teams
    then the tide has more serious problems…

  5. SquidGunman spune:

    Not going to be so excited when the Tide roll into College Station and tax
    dat ass! Might as well call him Johnny Foosball.

  6. E.J. Thomas spune:

    That damn E man ..

  7. jmad81 spune:

    All wrong ,its called drive blocking not dancing with the stars.dont know
    why the coach allowed them to spin around .

  8. Dolph78727 spune:

    Notice we didn’t see Obioha, Ennis, G. Stansbury, I. Golden, or B.
    Alexander either though! They’re all beasts! I know that Stansbury, Obioha,
    and Ennis have had some minor injuries which is why they weren’t in the
    spring game either.

  9. Dolph78727 spune:

    That’s the Aggie Spirit! 🙂

  10. Dolph78727 spune:

    And it teaches you to play to the whistle, forcing fumbles, etc…

  11. Dolph78727 spune:

    Yep, we ran the 2 on 2 drill that’s on here, as well as a 3 on 3 drill,
    where you had 2 DL heads up against 2 OL; and we as RBs got a pitch and had
    to beat the DL and a LB in the alley without stepping out! 🙂

  12. Dolph78727 spune:

    Same here! Going to Kyle for 2 maybe 3 games this year! That in itself is
    worth the trip. I stay in the stands at half to watch our band win another
    half time! WHOOP!

  13. wolfinkidsclothing spune:

    you wouldn’t say that to their face. infact you wouldn’t even say that with
    helmet and pads on. they’d destroy you.

  14. Doug Hawthorne spune:

    My coach calls it the b drill i call it the bitch drill

  15. austin novack spune:

    feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet

  16. Jay Ramirez spune:

    Bunch of Pussys!

  17. therealgames98 spune:


  18. Brandon Stevens spune:

    I have never lost in this drill

  19. thebest545 spune:

    #1 couldn’t possibly hold anymore than he already did.

  20. Hail Hopes spune:

    Look at your 2013 national champs!

  21. Jimmies R. Rustled spune:

    How long did that take you?

  22. blindsniper9794 spune:

    These videos are just making me all the more excited for my spring training!

  23. Eric Hawks spune:

    Just shows to prove from the first 3 clips (O-Line vs D-line) That the
    Offensive line make the D-line look like kids on the run. That’s where
    power vs power comes.


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