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Ep. 72: Schutt Vengeance Review (Football Helmet)

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25 Responses to “Ep. 72: Schutt Vengeance Review (Football Helmet)”

  1. Issac Samora spune:

    which would you say is better the vengence with the dct hybrid or the
    vengence with the dpu?

  2. Ethan Thomas spune:

    Would you recommend it with a visor for a receiver 

  3. Gaëtan Callens spune:

    Hi ! Thanks for your video ! Do you think the Schutt Vengeance is more
    protected than the Schutt Ion 4d ?
    Thanks !

  4. kai jones spune:

    are u in high school

  5. eruffdaddy21 spune:

    whats the weight?

  6. Kyle Hite spune:

    Great video man been a viewer since like EP. 5! Keep up the good work.!
    Just curious might there be a comparison between these and the riddell
    coming soon in the future? 

  7. Cole Berkeland spune:

    If anyone is going to get this helmet, plan on buying extra jaw pads
    because the snaps on them will probably break.

  8. Dylan Hickman spune:

    Sick love it

  9. chad moore spune:

    Can you do a video on how take it apart.

  10. TheRom51 spune:

    Can you put this on a Riddle helmet?

  11. Tony Kim spune:

    when is the review for the elite comming? and i cant find tge elite version
    on sportsunlimiteds website

  12. Keith Adams spune:

    i have this helmet and had the same facemask as in the video. i got the
    ropo sw to get more vison and the ropo sw being a smaller facemask sits
    closer to the face and makes the helmet lighter. by far to me the best
    helmet out. i like it better than the speed.

  13. Dylan Heath spune:

    Can you rank your football helmets

  14. Chaoskid981 spune:

    schutt vengeance

  15. I Know Football spune:

    I test everything either in practice or a game. I use multiple helmet
    throughout the season.

  16. Franky_No_Ocean spune:

    Do you wear this for games or do you only use the REVO Speed?

  17. I Know Football spune:

    Advanced protection towards the crown.

  18. Brayden Murdock spune:

    what are the eyebrows for?

  19. Isaac Ledesma spune:

    ha it’s al in the facemask

  20. I Know Football spune:

    If you’re 18 you can’t use a youth helmet. Sizing is the same it’s the
    materials that are different. The helmet is not made to protect passed
    peewee levels of football.

  21. Daniel Franco spune:

    Men i’m 18 years old and cirumference 22. Do u think youth L fits me?

  22. I Know Football spune:

    Told you so lol.

  23. CODBlackOpsCommander spune:

    I put my friends vengeance on today and its hella comfortable morethan th
    360 i believe

  24. GeeZeeXV spune:

    any chance for a Xenith x2 review?

  25. I Know Football spune:

    Let’s hope so in 2014


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