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ESPN 2013 College Football Images of the Year

ESPN’s 2013 edition of the images of the year in college football.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “ESPN 2013 College Football Images of the Year”

  1. zzLIAMzz11 spune:

    espn is the best

  2. jkcrusher18 spune:

    please tell me jameis winston is smarter than he sounds…

  3. Flat2theFace . spune:

    Jameis Winston is like a real life version of Forrest Gump

  4. Juan Menchaca spune:

    Minute 1:20 which game is it?

  5. MrAKL83194 spune:

    2:22 HAIL SOUTHERN!!! I love my Georgia Southern Eagles!

  6. Kkozlowski19 spune:

    They didn’t even show Oregon…….wtf

  7. Knight Inarmor spune:

    UCF wins the Fiesta Bowl as 17 point dogs and gets one clip…

  8. drewbleedsblue2131 spune:

    How about michigan penn state 4OT

  9. Luke D'Mello spune:

    Come back college football

  10. Drew Brown spune:

    No Aaron Donald on this. Ridiculous. 

  11. Lucas l l l spune:

    R.I.P #36…WHY?

  12. Alexander DeMello spune:

    This one didn’t have nearly the same amount of clips as the last few years.
    Plus, it didn’t show many different teams. These videos usually do a good
    job showing something from every possible D1 team, but this felt like an
    SEC focused video. Sad :(

  13. Ben Vincent spune:

    I’m surprised ASU-Wisconsin wasn’t on here.

  14. Brian Wilkerson spune:

    One republic – counting stars

  15. Jacob Currin spune:


  16. Justin Romain spune:

    Who was the OL (#69) who hurdled the dude?

  17. Elijah Ballard spune:

    being a mizzou fan ill have to say this was the beat college football
    season i have ever seen

  18. Garrett Reichman spune:

    The Murray clip is just heart wrenching.

  19. danman9426 spune:

    Whats the second song thats played? Not counting stars 


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