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Floyd rămâne-Iowa Hawkeyes vs Minnesota de Fotbal 2013

Hawkeyes aduce din nou acasă slănină! Într-o bătălie de forte, apărarea Iowa Hawkeyes de musculos Gophers Minnesota și le-a avut loc la doar 3 …
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9 Responses to “Floyd rămâne-Iowa Hawkeyes vs Minnesota de Fotbal 2013”

  1. bigoldinosaur spune:

    Welcome home Floyd. You are back to where you belong. Thank you
    kirkferentzrocks for posting these videos. GO HAWKS!!!

  2. Cameron W spune:

    We may have lost to michigan state but that doesnt stop us. GO HAWKS 4-2

  3. kirkferentzrocks spune:

    thank you good sir, I hope the hawks keep winning so I can make some more!

  4. Eric R spune:

    I’ve commented before, but your vids are the best. Enough music, but not
    loud enough as I enjoy the PBP over the music as you pot it down. Excellent

  5. Jonathan Tester spune:

    Great video! We have a great opportunity this weekend against MSU! GO

  6. bsimbric spune:

    Love the videos!!!

  7. majoragamer spune:

    Loved it man. Hawks keep winning, you keep making dem vids! #HAWKS bring on
    MSU. Ball so hard!! haha good times.

  8. Robert Donaldson spune:

    We’re looking so good this year and it’s getting me pumped btw really like
    your videos man keep them up

  9. eddieisfiction spune:

    loved watching this game. Hawkeyes either do great at the beginning and
    lose the rest of the season, or suck right away and something clicks inside
    them, and they keep winning. I think it might be the latter this year.


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