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Football Big Hits. (All Levels)


17 Responses to “Football Big Hits. (All Levels)”

  1. sam hough spune:

    marcus lattimore, seriously

  2. CollideSaint spune:

    I love watching CFL, they always tackle too high so they either miss
    completely or they Fucking nail te guy and make him fly :’)

  3. Donald Johnson spune:

    2:30 broken leg? ouuuuch 

  4. Moe Kaiser spune:

    bad ass bass boot :D

  5. Zack Schloemer spune:

    4:23 woooooo

  6. Diego Balcarcel spune:

    i love wathcing these vids… one of the best ive seen

  7. Sam Chapman spune:

    Im 12 and i play football and both the positions i play i love because u
    get to clock a guy out of no were

  8. brandon weaver spune:

    4:58 he got trucked….. smh

  9. jay hewitt spune:

    whats the first song?

  10. Chris Kornacki spune:

    What is the first song called I’ve been looking for it but can’t find it
    and it’s sick so if you know can you tell me

  11. heg hog spune:

    ooooooooo killl emmm trucked

  12. Darron Davis spune:

    2:51 holy smokes boy got rocked

  13. Zach Delph spune:

    this video makes me so happy

  14. Robert T spune:

    @:42 he got up and proceeded to rip Florida a new ahole.

  15. JackandThePosse spune:

    1:38 just take a minute to observe that score. GOOOD DAAAMN

  16. jerahmia spune:

    The tune is dope!

  17. Cod Master spune:

    dat ray lewis doe


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