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Football Fights of 2013 – Brawl and Fights


Fotbal 2013 – Brawl și lupte și Faulturi compilații.
Video Rating: 4/5

25 Responses to “Football Fights of 2013 – Brawl and Fights”

  1. Shug1910 spune:

    Numb by Linkin Park 1st song

  2. xKieran96x spune:

    Jesus Christ 1:01 The cunt in yellow got what he deserved! 

  3. Igor Chudziński spune:

    Everybody fighting
    Guys at the bottom of the screen giving yourself t-shirt ; D (sorry for
    my english ;c)

  4. Erik De Anda spune:

    That „This is Sparta!” moment at 1:32

  5. Marcus Dutton spune:

    not sure why this is not copyrighted?

  6. Dams Pok spune:

    Music a 3min20 please

  7. Julian Beach spune:

    Panem et circenses.

    The snot in your handkerchief is more interesting than this charade.

  8. TheRomaniaBest spune:

    1:27 EPIC

  9. mayena spune:

    4:05 to 5:09 was between two Minnesota high schools. The Prairie Seeds
    Academy and Totino Grace.

  10. Daniel McCrae spune:

    I struggle to believe grown men act like this.

  11. ademkin spune:

    Man this football players are fucking fags, they really have no clue how to
    fight or even punch. Hilarious.

  12. Headshot_10 spune:

    1.27 I Believe i can Fly

  13. adrianbrowne1984 spune:


  14. ExtremelySkilledGamer spune:

    This is a pretty sick video

  15. sektormagic spune:

    What the song 6:14

  16. Rhys Mcgill spune:

    what was the song at the start of the vid

  17. Zelo Vistrex spune:

    The song is just awesome with the video

  18. manamaister spune:

    Don’t mess with the Ibrakadabra… he Kills you ;)

  19. Sajid Sj spune:

    Number 10’s 😛 always protecitng their team :p

  20. wiy yuu spune:

    whats the second song?

  21. Michael Garrett spune:

    I thought this was american football, not this boring shit

  22. XzRecolz spune:

    4:44 awesome move

  23. Jozef Gazdowicz spune:

    the Wellington phoenix Newcastle jets at 02:47 was from 2012 not 2013 

  24. Ershad Ashraf spune:

    1.36 <3

  25. Baki Mount spune:

    Michael Garrett YOU ARE SHIT!!!!


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