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Football team protects bullied girl!

Football team protects bullied girl! A bullied „special needs” student gets help from the quarterback and his teammates. This is what you call taking a negat…

25 Responses to “Football team protects bullied girl!”

  1. Sarah Q. Bieber spune:

    Things like this help change the world in many ways! Please take a minute
    to watch this cute story!

  2. bizbite2 spune:

    BEAUTIFUL !!! 

  3. masterborn12 spune:

    If somone tries , i Get my buddies and declare a jihad on that guy who
    tried, then its rumble time

  4. vysero spune:

    Awesome story… just… awesome

  5. losmaces spune:

    Well done, guys!!!!!!!!

  6. Jaden Gillett spune:

    also good guys

  7. Jaden Gillett spune:

    my friend got bullied and i protected him

  8. Bethany Mary spune:

    ‘Why would anybody care about this?’
    Why wouldn’t they? Bullying takes lives every couple of seconds and until
    it stops, it’s everybody’s business. When you see someone being verbally or
    physically insulted, it’s your business. Instead of asking stupid
    questions, help stop it. Then we won’t have to answer to ignorant people,
    because they’ll be more educated on the matter.

  9. Vegan spune:

    I’ve been bullied and the secret is to stand up to the leader, suicide is
    not the way, bullies are cowards and if you hit the top of the pyramid it
    all will crumble down.
    In her case she is the sweetest to defend herself and they are very evolved
    spirits to step up and take her under her wings. This story was the best
    thing I heard this year, God bless you Carson!

  10. ThePersistent spune:

    Damn. I am a boy and I find them hot boys!!!!

  11. Jessica Sanchez spune:

    there so nice to defend a girl that was being bullied .

  12. O.R. Studios spune:

    I have an Asperger disorder, and seeing this kind of action against
    bullying people with no abilty to defend themselves is just heartwarming,
    because that’s what I was taught to do to people hurting others like me.
    People need to learn a lot from guys like that, and show all the others
    they can’t just walk away from things like that.

  13. Chuco Pach spune:

    There maybe some hope for this world yet

  14. Olivia M spune:

    awwww so sweet, I’m glad that i haven’t suffered from bulling… :'(

  15. Luke McCallum spune:

    That’s so sweet great job guys

  16. josh mcdermott spune:

    awesome hearts guys

  17. holly fox spune:

    i want to fine this boy and hug them and kiss them and hug the mom and the
    girl there all so cute

  18. Rudy Gonzalex spune:

    I feel ashamed of myself when i made fun of people

  19. Vianca sofia Braña spune:

    That’s pretty nice, someone to help you on the things that people do in bad

  20. gammaraider spune:

    Nice. Makes me wish i’d done more to protect other kids back in highschool.

  21. OfficalySafiya spune:

    She is beautiful!!!!

  22. Sara Karmiol spune:

    good for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know!

  23. coden onodera spune:

    that sounds so cute XD

  24. Michael Mahoney spune:

    Sticking up for what’s right

  25. Here, have a maple leaf spune:

    Not only are they football players, but they’re doing something really
    sweet. It must be difficult to be constantly drowning in pussy.


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