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Football’s Funniest Chants

Aici este o compilație a unora dintre cele mai amuzante cântă de fotbal din jurul. Vă rugăm să comentariu, ca și subscrie pentru mai multe videoclipuri legate de fotbal.
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25 Responses to “Football’s Funniest Chants”

  1. CanadianGamer00 spune:

    The Viva John Terry chant is the best.

  2. Jerome Twigg spune:

    Jason Puncheon.. he went for a shit, he went for a shit

  3. Ole Magne Hansen spune:

    ”Sheffield is a Shithoooole, and we want to go home!” (Barnsley)

  4. Mike Smith spune:

    adebayoor adebayoor he used play champions league but not any moree..

  5. WhatULookingAt2000 spune:

    he’s 5 foot 4, he’s 5 foot 4, We’ve got Arshavin, Fuck Adebayor

  6. vQ Amazeee spune:

    Awkward moment when Totenham fans sing about Adebayor, and now he plays for

  7. Shore Knee Harper spune:

    THE ASTON VILLA 1-0 let us pretend ROFLMHO

  8. Steve C spune:

    we paid for your hats, what a waste of council tax

  9. James Daly spune:

    supercalla goblaistic thereds areatroshuss

  10. Holland666 spune:


  11. Paul Adam spune:

    AFC Wimbledon v MK Dons: „Where were you when you were us? Where were you
    when you were us?”

  12. Simon Garratt spune:

    u missed the tranmere rovers chant about enoch showunmi now thats the best

  13. Luke Andrews spune:

    Adebayor it’s adebayoor he used to like bus trips but not anymore

  14. Jack Forbes spune:

    Aston villa one is classic

  15. kezwagon spune:

    the one about Neville is Chelsea fans.. Everton fans aren’t gonna sing that
    about their own player…

  16. Shore Knee Harper spune:

    What position do you play?

  17. Shore Knee Harper spune:

    AND… if you want to know about best ever football chants… watch Boca
    Juniors on uTube… They ROCK for 90mins , unlike u £nglish footlall sluts
    in £ngland who can’t kick a ball, let alone go to Rio… ha ha ha ha

  18. Shore Knee Harper spune:

    I love The Arsenal! win the league 2013

  19. Billy Dickinson spune:

    lets pretend we scored a goal started at west ham!

  20. christsoffer1 spune:

    the fc united of manchester one got better!! you missed straight after when
    they started singing „two hats, two hats, two hats”

  21. oilerskid4 spune:

    „Oh Roy Keane he’s a demon, he wears a demons hat. When he saw Old
    Trafford, he said I fancy that. The rest all tried to sign him but he chose
    the red and white of world famous Man Utd cuz we’re always dynamite!

  22. vycgcugc spune:

    viva john terry

  23. adzglynn01 spune:

    We paid for your hats fc united for life 3

  24. stephenhubbock spune:

    Let’s pretend

  25. Harry Whittle spune:

    viva john terry or we paid for your hats


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