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Freestyle fotbal-Freestylers sunt nebunie minunat-Acrobatic

Este colectia mea de cealaltă parte de freestyle fotbal, scade ar putea fi plictisitor uneori, și de cele mai multe freestyle fac scade și blocuri, dar puțini de t …
Video Rating: 4/5

25 Responses to “Freestyle fotbal-Freestylers sunt nebunie minunat-Acrobatic”

  1. RedOptictv spune:


  2. Mowafy freestyle spune:

    ammar is the king

  3. Bóngđá và nghệ thuật spune:

    best video 2013.

  4. Kally Dubzbrown spune:

    The name of the song: Prezioso & Marvin – The Riddle 🙂

  5. Fs FreestyleFoot spune:

    Who is to : 02:40

  6. Alexander Boyanov spune:

    What is the song name ? please 🙂

  7. PeterTheGamer spune:

    Sorry I sent the comment before actually seeing the song

  8. PeterTheGamer spune:

    What’s the song called

  9. mohammed foysal spune:

    Awesome video song too (y)

  10. Robby Aleksandrov spune:

    Amazing video! 🙂

  11. Davide Pisani spune:

    very nice video! 😉

  12. Victor Martinez spune:

    se llama riddle la cancion de gigi de agostino

  13. Gavin Mckinney spune:

    absolutely love the song choice hahahaha, great video

  14. FreestylerAlexia spune:

    Cool!!!! Genial el video! Sois unos cracks! Como se llama la cancion por

  15. FreestylerAlexia spune:

    The song?

  16. Chris Devine spune:

    As player and coach I don’t like freestyling as it has nothing to do with
    the game, too many people think good freestylers are good at football, and
    should playing pro or at a club etc etc. This video is what freestyle
    should be all about, entertaining to watch and totally different from
    playing the game. This is fantastic,

  17. Ahmadreza ElNino spune:

    00:06 lol thats was my video in 2011 , how you find it :))

  18. WAHAB9111Fs spune:

    Really Sick video bro

  19. Cédric Birling spune:

    At 0.25 it’s a trick which was invented by Andreas of S3

  20. Uros Ognjenovic spune:

    This is one of the best videos i have ever seen!!!i watched it 6
    times,definitely LIKE!!! Btw guy at 2:45 is MichRyc

  21. kidou freestyle spune:

    that was nadir ben brahim.

  22. millionainre spune:

    nice compilation bro, btw who is he at 0:15?

  23. BMfreestyleS3f spune:

    anyone saw the real video at 2:40 and the name of the guy at 2:45 ?? pls..

  24. MyCm7 spune:

    Nadir Ben Brahim

  25. PeGeFreestyle spune:

    Sometimes when i watch some lower videos I’m like: „I’ll be never able to
    do that” When I’m looking at this I’m like: I’ll never be able to do that
    even without the whole fucking ball 😀


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