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Global Ammonium Nitrate Supply to Exceed 58.6 Mln Tonnes in 2016, According to New Study by Merchant Research & Consulting

London, UK (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

In 2012, the annual production capacity of ammonium nitrate exceeded 57.5 million tonnes, with Europe comprising nearly one half of the total capacity. During 2008-2012, there was a steady increase in global ammonium nitrate supply, which grew from over 42.79 million tonnes to more than 47.35 million tonnes. In 2012, Europe ranked as the leading producer, supplying over 24.7 million tonnes of ammonium nitrate. Russia, the US, China, Poland and Ukraine were the top five countries by ammonium nitrate production – together accounting for almost 60% of the total volume. At present, Europe accounts for approximately 45% of the world ammonium nitrate demand. In 2016, the global ammonium nitrate production is projected to exceed 58.6 million tonnes.

EuroChem, Uralchem OJSC, Borealis, Incitec Pivot, Acron Group, Yara, Orica, GrowHow UK, Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy SA, SIBUR Minudobreniya and „AZOT” Cherkassy are among the dominant players in the worldwide ammonium nitrate market.

An all-round assessment and forecast on world, regional and country markets for ammonium nitrate can be found in the new topical research report “Ammonium Nitrate (AN): 2014 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2018” worked out by Merchant Research & Consulting and recently published by Market Publishers Ltd. The study provides a profound insight into the actual situation and historical background of the market; presents extensive industry forecasts; contains cutting-edge data illustrating ammonium nitrate capacities, production, consumption trends, foreign trade statistics, and price fluctuations.

Report Details:

Title: Ammonium Nitrate (AN): 2014 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2018

Published: January, 2014

Pages: 317

Price: US$ 4,500.00

The new report offers a detailed analysis of the world ammonium nitrate market, as well as presents a whole set of statistical figures, such as capacity, production, consumption, exports and imports of the material. It reviews the recent price fluctuations, summarizes the important industry activities, contains a snapshot of the prevailing trends and scrutinizes the main forces shaping the market. The research study examines the major geographical markets and uncovers information on their performance; delves deep into the competitive landscape, includes comprehensive profiles of the main manufacturers and suppliers, discloses valuable information on the key consumers. In addition, a future outlook for ammonium nitrate industry through to 2017 is provided in the report.

Reasons to Buy:

    Gain an up-to-bottom overview of the global ammonium nitrate market landscape.
    Obtain access to cutting-edge statistics on world ammonium nitrate capacity, production, demand and foreign trade.
    Get abreast of the recent industry activities.
    Understand the key forces that bear an influence on the market growth.
    Gain a clear idea of the top market trends and take the right and informed business decisions.
    Improve the company’s positioning by gaining competitive intelligence and boosting sales.
    Identify the key factors influencing the competitive pressure, and understand who stands where in the marketplace.
    Compare the market situation in different geographies.
    Determine the top emerging opportunities to derive maximum benefits.
    Find out more about the future growth prospects of the worldwide ammonium nitrate market.

More new research reports by the publisher can be found at Merchant Research & Consulting page.

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