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Hardest Hits in College Football 2012-2013 ᴴᴰ ✔

Ia tare cu cel mai tare stadioanele de fotbal colegiu din întreaga țară ambalate cu Gators, Buckeyes și spartani Urmați-mă pe Twitter! …
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25 Responses to “Hardest Hits in College Football 2012-2013 ᴴᴰ ✔”

  1. Smokey Dawg spune:

    PLEASE vote for a song that would best fit this years biggest hits
    compilation. I know a lot of you were not to happy with what was previously
    used. Simply reply to this comment by hitting reply or +Smokey Dawg or
    @Smokey Dawg

  2. Smokey Dawg spune:

    So many people are complaining about the music. This year why don’t I just
    do a top 10, so you can here them getting popped? Like if you’d prefer

  3. Trevan Baxter spune:

    #theseguysgotconcussions #concussion 

  4. Th€L€G€NDPV€ spune:

    And yeah all under 18 yrs old crazy shit well im sure there was some senior
    that had stayed back a year and hit 18 before the season started lmao

  5. Charles Morgan spune:

    Pretty much a Gamecock highlight reel!

  6. Joseph Anthony spune:

    Not even techno it’s called dubstep and it’s not crappy, maybe to you
    because you cant hear the hits…

  7. studlone spune:

    Wow I never saw a girl playing better than boys

  8. Caleb Warnick spune:

    Best 1 when Alabama laid the Michagn player out

  9. Tristin Beatty spune:


  10. Yeaits Zoner spune:

    Hello everyone, I’m hosting an Online Dynasty on NCAA 14. This is for xbox
    360 users and I have set rules on not allowing restarts/cheaters. Just hit
    me up with a party invite or friend request and I’ll explain everything.
    P.S. 6/12 players at the moment. xbl gt : L sit
    kk L

  11. junkaccount4297 spune:

    I was in the stadium for the game at 0:52. Wisconsin vs. Nebraska in the
    2012 big 10 championship. Everyone in the stadium was chanting „throw him
    out!” after that. Got a penalty for un-neccesary roughness, cost them a

  12. Rock Ledoux spune:

    How did I wind up here? 45 minutes ago I was looking for shark attacks…

  13. Sophia Demarkis spune:

    cmon guys its skrillex don’t hate

  14. Sam Shebani spune:


  15. MelonNuts69 spune:

    Most of the teams were the gamecocks

  16. Kaleb Hawkes spune:

    It’s not even the real bangarang

  17. ohdeergod spune:

    Great hits, but 90% of them are illegal at the next level and will come
    with a hefty fine.

  18. oTeeqo spune:

    Some of these hits are what 4rd grade football hits are.

  19. Me Seminole spune:

    There are my noles!

  20. Martin Mugo spune:

    Horrible music ch- Oh, I just looked at smokey’s comment.

  21. Michael Marinakis spune:

    I like how the only footage he found was from fsu uf and scu

  22. lhagman76 spune:

    Thanks ruining the video with your euro disco music

  23. Th€L€G€NDPV€ spune:

    And our school was a good football school we had some seriously big dudes
    half the team was 6’1-6’6 biggest guy was 6’6 325 another guy our captain
    6’3 375 pounds who could bench almost 400 pounds 10 times lol so it wasnt
    no scrawny ass lil bitch football we went to the superbowl 6 yrs straight 

  24. Patrick Star spune:

    Everyone saying these are illegal hits don’t have the first clue what the
    sport of football is and if you can’t hang, gtfo

  25. Will Cork spune:

    Notice almost all of these have sec teams in them


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