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How Football Players Eat Their Food | Humor Cão

Cum Football Players mânca hrana lor, parodie de MisterEpicMann „Cum Animale Mananca hrana lor”. Por João Miguel Seabra e 7 Estacas.

25 Responses to “How Football Players Eat Their Food | Humor Cão”

  1. Jaris Kuchař spune:

    PEPE!! :DDD

  2. RawrJustJames spune:

    Hahaha I love the ronaldo one

  3. King Ralph spune:

    hahaha Ribery 😀 so true

  4. PlatinumMonster spune:

    Torres could be there as well, you would just have to miss your mouth when
    you try to eat

  5. AhPawCouLips spune:

    I love this.

  6. Stront spune:

    ronaldo & pepe LOL

  7. Manos Fuzzman spune:

    in ronaldo version you should first make your hair :P.

  8. Dimitrije Tucović spune:


  9. leon leon spune:

    neymar is the best u noob 

  10. RoxMeNot spune:

    John Terry would eat the other guys wife out on the table.

  11. BalotelliDJX spune:


  12. andy sexton spune:

    1;10 is my favorite part 

  13. Theak47forall spune:


  14. SouthCraft spune:

    Suarez should have been there lol

  15. wizkatinga spune:

    pepe xD

  16. Mojo L spune:

    Come on guys, that one with Ribery was pretty harsh :/ He got that scar in
    his face from an accident where he lost his parents, so show some respect!

  17. Pedro Salgado spune:

    Fc Porto shirt 

  18. Rúben Luso spune:


  19. AngusVidz spune:

    Very funny!

  20. UncleSamProduction spune:

    As someone from North America (Canada) I feel proud to know the majority of
    these players :D

  21. keYaSVK lolzet spune:

    Zidane or Pepe 😀 😀 :D

  22. mob1235 spune:

    1:48 he almost got killed by his fork^^

  23. Kick To Glory spune:

    Hey guys! Please Check Out our Channel. It’s the Best Football/Soccer
    Channel in Portugal!

  24. Karim Shata spune:

    Where is Suarez!!!

  25. modi teto spune:

    Dislike for Ribery 


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