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How to Clean Your Football Boots – nitrocharge edition

Today we take a look at keeping your nitrocharge boots clean. We offer up some general tips and give you some specific advice on looking after your nitrochar…

25 Responses to “How to Clean Your Football Boots – nitrocharge edition”

  1. gboi264 spune:

    That’s a wrong way to clean the mesh area..using the toothbrush method will
    over time accumulate mud in the mesh area.
    The simple technique I use and has worked for me is I simply let the mud
    dry out then with a toothbrush or pen or small branch whatever you can lay
    your hand on just gently tap/beat the mesh area. You’ll see the mud/grass
    all jumping out to the surface then with a dry brush gently dust off the
    debris.—continue until you think all debris are out.

    For a near-perfect result no form of water or moisture should be in the
    mesh area

  2. Ritwik Mamidi spune:

    When i am cleaning it,water went inside and took 3-4 days to dry

  3. Mohd Zamir Zaki spune:

    why cant we clean it while its still wet with mud? its easier and didnt
    make the mud stick on boots

  4. Omar Qusous spune:

    You save water very much

  5. michael wenas spune:

    Do the f50 leather please. I need to know how to clean leather boots !!

  6. LaBestiaFutbolTV spune:

    It really pisses me off to see how much water do you waste! My next vid for
    sure will be about how to really clean your boots being eco-smart 

  7. OpTiC fIbRe spune:

    Lets play a drinking game.For every time he says agitate, take a shot…
    you will die.

  8. ALCblackout24 spune:

    Pootisman approves!

  9. KostasMY10 spune:

    If you clean them with baby wipes, is it good?

  10. DrAdiMan14 spune:

    will the mud inbetween the mesh make the boot less durable?

  11. Football Boots spune:

    no but the mud sticks inbetween the mesh

  12. Football Boots spune:

    not really necessary, just a wet cloth

  13. Azarul Ziqri spune:


  14. Maciek Rydzewski spune:

    Great Video!

  15. Albert Cutler spune:

    and the water bastard???

  16. iTzPhyzqk spune:

    is this only for nitrocharge… just do all boots srriously?? jeez

  17. C0SMICediting spune:

    i am still wondering why someone needs a tutorial on how to clean boots..

  18. ammarwaleeds spune:

    my heart breaks into two when you let the water run like that..

  19. TopHat Cat spune:

    Can you do a hypervenom tutorial on how to clean them?

  20. cyanide11111y spune:

    You waste to much water hahaha

  21. Saanfootball dok spune:

    Can i get sponsor like make a test? se my nitrocharge test ? 🙂

  22. maya goldblum spune:

    too mach water

  23. Raúll Ruizz spune:

    don´t waste the water!! haha!! Great video, I´ll use my brush teeth to
    clean my shoes!!

  24. Lnc Freekicks spune:

    check out my way to get those stud marks off and easier to do

  25. mqsoccer06 spune:

    The Nitrocharge is harder to clean because of the mesh, similar to the
    launch colorways of the Vapor VIII, they are both hard to clean.


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