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În interiorul Fotbal Performance Center Oregon

Sports Illustrated ia o privire în interiorul Universitatea din nou centrul de performanță Oregon de fotbal din Eugene, Oregon.
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25 Responses to “În interiorul Fotbal Performance Center Oregon”

  1. Kelly Marie spune:

    I’d be PISSED if I were a student there, knowing my tuition went for such
    useless crap. Colleges and Universities are for ACADEMICS.

  2. Jill Robinson spune:

    i really thing the folks at oregon should get rid of all this horseshit and
    try to look at how to build the football team to stop the run game, just

  3. rlg1976x spune:

    Your tuition dollars at work…..

  4. Brandon Barrus spune:

    Maybe we need to start organizing college football into leagues based on
    how much money you have. It’s ridiculous a team like Nevada has to compete
    against this.

  5. Alex Croci spune:

    Does not even come close to Boone Pickens Stadium! No where near the
    superior BPS!

  6. Sports Illustrated spune:
  7. Alex Croci spune:


  8. Aaron MEDINA spune:

    Have you ever done anything with your life?

  9. angryamerican spune:

    Has Oregon ever won a national championship?

  10. SeththeBeast23 spune:

    been there my uncle works for the football team

  11. Justin Officer spune:

    My grandpa was a coach for Duck Football. Bob Officer. You can look him up
    on the UofO hall of fame or the Bob Officer award that the head coach
    awards every year to a Duck. I played Golf at Oregon and my Dad played
    football there. So talk all the shit you want but I grew up in Mac Court.
    If i wanted to tour the facility im sure grandma could make it happen…

  12. Tori McVicker spune:

    Get your panties out of a bunch, just because you will never experience
    anything like this.

  13. Justin Officer spune:

    Those hideous looking Disney rugs need to be thrown out they look like
    something you’d seen hanging over a fence on the side of the freeway being
    sold by some guy in a beat to shit van. Or even embroidered on a pair of
    FUBU jeans . What’s up with that ?

  14. Justin Officer spune:

    Architecture A++ Interior Design F

  15. Joe Metzner spune:

    Ohio State fan but might consider Oregon just to be in those buildings…

  16. cody king spune:

    I want to go to Oregon and play football and i play football for the beacon
    hill cowboys now. Oregon football players encourage me to get batter i love
    you OREGON !!!!!

  17. eKriZZLe spune:

    Not even close. I saw all of Nebraska’s stuff. It looks really nice, more
    than any athlete would need. But Nebraska is new to this game. Nebraska’s
    new stuff is just getting up to par with Oregon’s „older” facilities. Take
    a look at Oregon’s old locker room. This new place blows the top off of

  18. saphonne spune:

    Man I love it

  19. Steven Lopez spune:

    didn’t help against against the Bruins. 38 unanswered 41-21.

  20. drus spune:

    your dirty mexican. you cant afford to speak in riddles

  21. Mex1CanJack spune:

    A day late and a dollar short, as usual. Just like the Cubs.

  22. flukes777 spune:

    Except for the multi-million dollar contract of course.

  23. drus spune:

    i did respond dumbass

  24. Ben S spune:

    Someone is making millions and its not the players.

  25. Jacob Kleinsmith spune:

    Nebraska’s is a tad bit better


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