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Indiana Football Max Squat Competition

Highlights from the Indiana football team’s max squat competition.

25 Responses to “Indiana Football Max Squat Competition”

  1. Thanya Sivasubramaniam spune:

    no depth in the squats

  2. TopShelf spune:

    I love the deadlift because it’s so obvious if you lifted or you didn’t.
    Props to IU for not disabling comments.

  3. ybhutta spune:

    i can do 600 pound knee bends too

  4. Chris Basinger spune:

    however it is fucking hilarious to see that 600 pound squat kids tits
    jiggle xD

  5. Super Vegeta spune:

    No one does a full squat in indiana?

  6. Chris Basinger spune:

    well to be honest im a sophomore high school and have been studying lifting
    since about 8th grade btw im about 2 months away from being a junior anyway
    and to be quite frank and plz dont start trippin on me like oh this kids an
    idiot but squatting to „full depth” for most people is lower than parallel
    and if any of you have actually studied lifting going below parallel
    eventually causes bowel problems a correct and good depth squat is to about
    parallel and to be honest 3/4 of the way is great to it hits your glutes
    quads and hams just as well and i hit about 280 for a solid set of 6 on
    squat anyway i just wanted to put my opinion in 

  7. Albin Sunny spune:

    Worst form 

  8. Hwan Kim spune:

    not a single squat was done on this day

  9. FoodAndFitnessOnline spune:

    And not a single parallel was hit that day. 

  10. Draxx23 spune:

    Whats the song in the beginning? ?

  11. Hunter VanHevel spune:


  12. ericch26 spune:

    oh lawwwd. But who was full range of motion?

  13. 1carlosm spune:

    I didn’t see one squat… I would have been more impressed if they took 225
    past parallel for reps 

  14. chad morris spune:

    All of the football players at my high school are strong as shit, they all
    do around 385 squat and 335 bench… so yeah, thats high school.

  15. Ed Lockwood spune:

    Maybe if our players stopped half-squatting in their maxouts we wouldn’t be

  16. Mark Silva spune:

    do any of you even lift?

  17. jmbstat spune:

    ITT people who don’t know how athletes train.

  18. Ian Poland spune:

    I don’t think the strength coach even knows enough to feel embarrassed.
    Every one of those 500+ pound squats would be a „no-lift” in competition
    because of poor depth. If any of those athletes fail in that squat position
    then it’s because their back failed and not their hamstrings which is
    unnecessarily dangerous. College football has a selection bias toward
    naturally strong athletes so you end up with these horrible strength
    coaches who can’t even teach a proper squat and mistake players’ natural
    strength for their training results.

  19. Alex Papas spune:

    lol nice quater squatting boys

  20. Jacob Brown spune:

    Their not even doing it right they are barley squatting! 

  21. Jeffrey Ice spune:

    good job . . . me mutha fucking too

  22. baller21kd spune:

    Coming from the „faggot” with the selfie pic. fuck outta here

  23. Nakia :) spune:

    okay ralph!

  24. ThePh124 spune:

    well what was your depth

  25. jothan175 spune:

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