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Instruire noua analiza sistemului – Football Manager 2014

În acest film vom arunca o privire la noul sistem de formare implementat pentru Football Manager 2014 și modul în care acest lucru sa schimbat pentru această versiune de ani. ————————– Pentru cele mai bune FM 2014 povești, …
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11 Responses to “Instruire noua analiza sistemului – Football Manager 2014”

  1. Nickoteen0 spune:

    you are a true english man lol

  2. schmidyk spune:

    I’m not sure why tbh, but when you have a high Discipline the coach seems
    to do a better job. Oh and I forgot Motivation on that list as well

  3. Danny Morgan spune:

    why discipline

  4. pranaytopgun047 spune:

    YNWA Jack!!

  5. mazssj spune:

    The Individual Training page was in 13 as well and it looked almost the
    same, nothing that new there.

  6. Justin B spune:

    Definitely would like to see that coaching video

  7. Max1man11 spune:

    Would love to learn more about how to assign coaches

  8. Frostypower spune:

    Yes, the coaching video would be a very good idea

  9. schmidyk spune:

    The biggest thing is having your coaches go on courses. The most important
    stats are Determination , Discipline, Mental and then the training you want
    done (e.g. attack, defence etc.)

  10. Watchmejuggle spune:

    would love to see the coaching video

  11. scaryman101086 spune:

    great intro, what I wonder most is, say you do LLM, you can’t afford the
    expensive and best trainers, do and which stats change and what involves
    changing this stats. F.I. motivation or determination or training tactic
    stats, do they grow over time (or decline) and what makes those changes
    possible, just general experience or is there something else, like
    reputation of the club, improving your training ground etc. I was just
    wondering 😉 .


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