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Interior Wofford Fotbal: Baylor

Waco, Texas – Echipa Wofford fotbal a început sezonul cu o pierdere 69-3 la Baylor în noaptea de sâmbătă de la Floyd Casey Stadium. Urșii sărit spirit devreme …

5 Responses to “Interior Wofford Fotbal: Baylor”

  1. kretschammer spune:

    I’m also a Baylor fan and just want to compliment you guys on the class you
    had throughout the game. Despite the score, your team never let emotions
    get the better of you and never started to play dirty. You were put into a
    rough situation in playing Baylor and still went up against us and tried
    hard to the last second. I will be keeping up with your team and will
    rooting for you in the FCS going forward this year. I wish you guys the

  2. KarabSoT spune:

    We Bears admire your class during the game and wish you the best season.

  3. thundertoe21 spune:

    The Terriers have a lot of heart. I’ve heard a lot of good things about
    this team and seeing how they never gave up was great. Any other team would
    have stopped trying, but not these kids. Best of luck to the Wofford
    Terriers. Sic ‘em Bears and go Terriers!

  4. Meb6223 spune:

    Nice to see classy Baylor fans post here despite the score never thought
    you guys were running it up I will be rooting for Baylor rest of the season
    you all have a lot of talent. Good luck to the Bears!

  5. bigole bear spune:

    I respect you guys an awful lot. I know things didn’t go well for you and
    that is tough to take; however, Wofford maintained their poise and
    sportsmanship as did the fans. Don’t take this as a back handed compliment,
    please, but I don’t think this game is indicative of how the rest of the
    season will be for you guys. Have a great season! Go Wofford and Sic’Em!!


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