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Learn Amazing Football Skill Tutorial #4 „Tornado Twist” ★ HD – Neymar/Ronaldo/Messi Skills

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25 Responses to “Learn Amazing Football Skill Tutorial #4 „Tornado Twist” ★ HD – Neymar/Ronaldo/Messi Skills”

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    OUR AWESOME FANS! 😀 This time we will learn you the most Amazing skill so
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    BEST FANS! 😀 8000 Likes and 100 Shares and we will upload Episode #5 just
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  7. Thar Htoo spune:

    I will come and learn your skills. Coz, i am very poor in Soccor.!!

  8. Johnnyfootball spune:

    i have a giveaway on my channel its 1000 subscribers special mabye you win 

  9. Sam Easter spune:

    Nice one !

  10. Ahmed Khan spune:

    Umm yea this is like impossible to do like magic so..

  11. Shivam Gautam spune:

    you guys are awesome

  12. Dede Okoro spune:

    They spelt fee

  13. Cristiano Ronaldo spune:

    Im learning these Skills.

  14. sam phillips spune:

    I like this one its simple for people with dribbling ability but slow feet.
    like the maradona turn and the iniesta twin touch. 

  15. Raynaldo Djajasaputra spune:

    Why don’t u both play football profesionally? I watched the official match
    clip n u guys were amazing.

  16. Speed Taiga spune:

    U are the bests *-*

  17. Wizz Teller spune:

    can you put a video about how to shoot and curve?

  18. giovani santos spune:


  19. 3KICKS spune:

    Great tutorial guys, really love your work! Please check out our channel as
    we’re aiming for 100+ subs before Christmas :)

  20. Wynn Uyehara spune:

    That’s boss

  21. FootballEinstein spune:

    Awesome Skill Twins tutorial.
    Tornado Twist

  22. Leonardo Reyes spune:

    Can anyone tell me the Song name, please comment back ASAP

  23. Bart Vergeer spune:

    Yo thx Skilltwins . I own now :)

  24. CRonaldo7 spune:

    I love this move, I do a lot now, it’s much easier to perform than than the
    rainbow flick so I use it instead.

  25. Matan Daniel Art spune:

    You are the best! And i did this skill,now i’m control it;)


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