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LSU Football Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake with Coach Les Miles and the LSU Football Team.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “LSU Football Harlem Shake”

  1. Jasmine B spune:

    the hockey harlem shakes are soo much better

  2. Cod Ghost Trickshotz spune:

    Lol love it

  3. Louisiana State University spune:

    They have some moves.

  4. Omar Ponciano spune:

    Geaux Tigers!

  5. Mitchell Feigley spune:

    Better late than never…

  6. Jesse Wojdylo spune:

    *Leave It to Les Miles…*

    …to attempt an internet viral video a month too late. That said, he
    kills it. The best I have seen!


  7. Johnny Brannan spune:

    Les Miles leads the LSU football team in the #harlemshake

    #epichilarium #danceparty #collegefootball 

  8. Bryan Foster spune:

    Harlem Shake… LSU TIGER STYLE!!! #lsutigers 

  9. Trista Perot spune:

    Les demonstrating some epic dance moves #LSU #lesmiles #harlemshake 

  10. Joshua McCoy spune:

    Harlem shake probably getting old, except maybe for this one.

  11. Crystal Ball Run spune:

    Well, this was bound to happen, right? The +LSU Football team, led by none
    other than Coach Les Miles, does the #HarlemShake .

  12. ruchir patel spune:

    Harlem shake yo

  13. Austin Keeler spune:

    Les Miles at his finest #tigers

  14. Lizzie Blair-Benzer spune:

    Geaux Tigers!

  15. kitty cat spune:

    Stop hate on my team LSU Tigers!!!!! I LOVE LSU TIGERS! Purple and gold LSU

  16. Tsm Bolt spune:

    I love LSU

  17. pbhimall spune:

    That’s the eye of the tiger. It doesn’t even look like the Eye of Horus.

  18. DoctorWhoFan10 spune:

    ooohhh man, Gotta love them tigers!!!

  19. t wall spune:

    they might of been from texas

  20. IrisFrost13 spune:

    My all time favorite:-)

  21. fallenangelsdivine spune:

    Why is there a Texas flag for a Louisiana University? Nooo just no

  22. MONROE6FOOTBAL6 spune:


  23. Nick Milstead spune:



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