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Miami Booker T. Washington joacă St Pete Lakewood în fotbal

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10 Responses to “Miami Booker T. Washington joacă St Pete Lakewood în fotbal”

  1. mkbijf spune:

    booker t is the best high school team in football

  2. Michael cunningham spune:

    Btw play Gorman today

  3. sturrup1000 spune:

    btw and central and Miramar going to state.

  4. Tony Jones spune:

    can i get a link to the nocross vs booker t highlights

  5. junior1199ps3 spune:

    I was at the norcross game vs booker t Washington the beat the hell out of

  6. drewzy2008 spune:

    55-0 these dudes put in work on ESPN 2day… they looked like a #1 team.

  7. MACMITTENS1112 spune:

    Norcross don’t stand a chance , Lamar Parker 1# is 5’9 and 19# Vaquan Small
    is 6’2 .So we have size out wide. And you didn’t see our read option we the
    best Dual Threat Qb in the Country. Mark Walton 2# is a Sophmore 5’11 185 a
    beat, 3# CoCo prolly the fastest back in the Country. He is a Beast.
    Norcross bringing in a new Qb and no Alvin Kamara, smdh.. Our Defense is
    justas good as our Offense and we deep with a lot of Depth.

  8. Tom Dockery spune:

    Wow! Holder and Obama actually allow a school to remain named after this
    greatest of all African-American leaders? In 1973,I met an elderly black
    man with that name who told me that the younger blacks looked down upon
    him.What a sad situation we have today.

  9. Boobie Kennedy spune:

    Booker T. offense reminds me of a flag football offense. They have no
    premier receiver, but 5-6 short fast dudes that catch screens, slants, and
    comebacks. They never threw deep and still beat the hell out of a decent
    Lakewood team. I want to see how they fair against a big-run oriented team.
    We’ll know how they perform against Norcross in 2 months. If Norcross can’t
    control these speedy lil tornadoes, they are going to get beat BAD!

  10. montedilworth spune:

    Booker T Washington going to kill Northwestern Lol!!:-)


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