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Michigan State Football 2013: „All Of The Lights” ᴴᴰ

That time of year again… Made by: Pietrang5 and Bradley C. @FlyingDeerFilms on twitter. This is a non profit video and none of the footage used in this vid…

25 Responses to “Michigan State Football 2013: „All Of The Lights” ᴴᴰ”

  1. Joel Fritsma spune:

    Great year for MSU! Win the rosebowl AND the B1G Championship in
    basketball. Hardly saw Michigan show up this year. GO GREEN!

  2. Flying Deer Films spune:

    We did it Spartan Nation. Here’s to all the fans that never gave up, and to
    the champions of the 100th Rose Bowl. Go green.

  3. Joe Kaczanowcke spune:

    All day long. On a Loop. GO GREEN!!! We’re almost there!

  4. Dylan Rodgers spune:


  5. Corey Wofford spune:


  6. Bo Jenkins spune:

    I watched this video before every game this year. I knew we were gonna get
    it!!! #SpartyOn #RoseBowlChamps

  7. Troy Davidson spune:

    Hell yeah! GO GREEN!!! 

  8. Christopher Owens spune:

    I can’t stop watching this!!! I am so jacked about this team!! Gonna see
    em clinch at NU Saturday … then take care of biz at home for their fans
    … and then … please God … show OSU. IT IS OUR TIME TO GO BACK TO

  9. Roma Don spune:

    please do a version with this years run

  10. J dawg spune:

    it was cool till Kanye opened his big senseless lo-class yapper. I just
    through up in my mouth a little bit….hold on…nope a lot …gotta go.
    Ok I’m back…nice job MSU way to represent…coulda done without the crap
    music though.

  11. Kristin Lastacy spune:

    I love being a Sparty, to my core. Go Green!!!

  12. Logan Trindade spune:

    keep um comin what a tribute video awesome work

  13. Mark Galfano spune:

    Wow..unbelievable work! A must watch for any Spartan. And this year we did
    turn on the lights all the way on… Rose Bowl baby!

  14. Marcus Kentner spune:

    Check out my highlights! RB/S

  15. Paul Burkett spune:

    Digital goosbumps

  16. Jason Jardine spune:

    What an awesome video. Thank you. Spartan Pride! Go Green. 

  17. KM Marketing spune:

    Here we go! #Spartan Football Season Starts Tonight! ▶ Michigan State
    Football 2013: „All Of The Lights” ᴴᴰ – YouTube

  18. Grant Heitkamp spune:

    This is nice

  19. Desiree' Melfi spune:


  20. Mitten Smitten spune:

    Hello G+! This is my inaugural post to kick off my new blog, – hope you’ll check me out!

    In the meantime, I’m psyched for State’s opener tonight!

    #TFIG #gogreen #puremichigan

    Michigan State Football 2013: „All Of The Lights” ᴴᴰ

  21. Joe Kaczanowcke spune:

    Not sure I can wait until kickoff. I’m just going to watch this on a loop
    until then.

  22. Chris Corlett spune:

    Great job guys, that looks amazing! Very nice work.

  23. Kelly Shipp spune:

    What an Awesome video man!!! Keep up the good work and Go State!!!

  24. Hewey19 spune:

    Great job! Go green!

  25. Josh Manuel spune:

    Very impressive! What program did you use to make this?


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