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Montana Will Rise | Montana Grizzlies Football 2013

După grizzly a suferit primul lor sezon pierde în 27 de ani, grizzly sunt înapoi în căutarea pentru răscumpărare. Montana va crește.
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3 Responses to “Montana Will Rise | Montana Grizzlies Football 2013”

  1. JJ Davis spune:

    Griz nation

  2. CalPolyView spune:

    I am excited about the 8/31 game as well, I think Montana has a shot.
    Mostly though, I am looking forward to the 10/19 game.. hopefully not too
    many Montana schlongs will be out that game, just looking forward to the
    football 😉

  3. Austin Shaw spune:

    So looking forward to going to the 8/31 game! We are montana!


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