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NCAA Football 14 Dinastia Mod Săptămâna 1: Georgia Bulldogs la Clemson Tigers

Acesta este primul meci al sezonului a mea NCAA Football14 joc ca Bulldogs Georgia. Sezonul începe pe drumul împotriva Tigrii Clemson. Ca anot …

25 Responses to “NCAA Football 14 Dinastia Mod Săptămâna 1: Georgia Bulldogs la Clemson Tigers”

  1. AZIANKIDTV spune:

    Georgia’s defense is terrible just to let you know but their offense is
    pretty good

  2. Brayden Gable spune:

    Hemphill in real life is todd gurley

  3. Jamal Garcon spune:

    Good job don’t stop subscribed

  4. mlyon2001 spune:

    Hey great video what skill level do u play on

  5. Daniel Ackerly spune:


  6. Will Young spune:

    How do you get the ncaa bottom line on this game please reply

  7. Jeantelle Duhon spune:

    Go BEAVS

  8. Jakethesnake903 spune:

    good vid good game

  9. Tyler Steiner spune:

    how do you get scores from other games at the bottom

  10. TheSkyBuzz spune:

    Clemson kicked but this year against the dawgs!

  11. Alex Hillman spune:

    Meanwhile, in real life, Clemson worked that ass!!!

  12. Toxicskater21 spune:

    what difficulty are you playing on seriously..

  13. mike shane spune:

    Ur an idiot get a life

  14. Wyatt Jean spune:

    I like football video games

  15. DON Petron spune:

    What difficulty are you playing on?

  16. TheAirlineSpotter11 spune:

    I’m lovin’ this series, it is amazing, great job on the commentary! P.S. GO

  17. TheAirlineSpotter11 spune:

    Yes, It’s a great game!

  18. gadawg11801 spune:

    Averaging almost 10 yards per rush. Why are you throwing it?

  19. ms23ist spune:

    dude a hell of a lot better best ncaa ever next to 07 but dude amazing game
    get it

  20. Trey Stukes spune:

    How is it that you have a post game celebration but i dont? Did you turn
    something off or does it have to do with memory?

  21. Justin Ziglar spune:

    PS# users, All name rosters on roster share. name to type in: BearsNVA. He
    did a really good job.

  22. sahil patel spune:

    kevin battle #26 is Malcolm Mitchell lol

  23. Justin Ziglar spune:


  24. Patrick Young spune:

    is it worth getting as far as last years game goes?

  25. Herschel Talker spune:

    #3 is Todd Gurley, #11 is Aaron Murray. You’re not a college football fan
    are you?


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