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NCAA Football 14 Road To Glory – The Chosen One’s Life Story | First High School Playoff Game

Mai NCAA Football 14 RTG – – Urmează Twitter meu – – Cum ar fi …
Video Rating: 4/5

25 Responses to “NCAA Football 14 Road To Glory – The Chosen One’s Life Story | First High School Playoff Game”

  1. Stephen Valentino spune:

    You can’t talk like your a god and play on Freshman mode….Irving sucks 

  2. Tim Lee spune:

    Wheres the rest of the seires stax

  3. Allen Iverson spune:

    This series WAS good but Stax gave us the middle finger he never finished,
    this guy SinWithVegeance made a QB series with Reggie Branch it’s really

  4. xSaberGamingx spune:

    Pretty much all lineman wear knee braces

  5. Brenden klasi spune:

    I found you uniforms on team builder

  6. Melissa Dalman spune:

    How is the other team has 0 points

  7. 70ndavis spune:

    the o line where knee braces because it gives the support,broke knee o line

  8. Jimmy Clemmons spune:

    Another BS stat is that if you make a COVERAGE free safety that your
    starting speed attribute is 49, thats lower than any lineman in the game,
    how can a defensive back be that slow and be a 5 star recruit

  9. isaiah mcgraw spune:

    what is the name of the game from 0:00 1:05

  10. Sasha Fu spune:

    your brother is also kyrie irving

  11. Tiffany Martin spune:

    how much people do you have

  12. Tiffany Martin spune:


  13. David Murphy spune:

    We will rock you is the song

  14. STFNigHtmAre spune:

    Lol you could have said Kyrie was your Brother

  15. bliquid reyna spune:

    Is that your real back story?

  16. wellitsthebigshow97 spune:

    Best video I’ve ever watch man

  17. djwaffles0930 spune:

    What’s the song at the begining

  18. ANDRE TYLERS spune:

    nice vid

  19. Tristan Smith spune:

    How do you do the off field thing

  20. BallIsLifeYouKnow spune:

    You like chris smoove

  21. romano copeland spune:

    How do you do that?

  22. Edward Teo spune:

    Stax the story you added to your character just earned you a Sub. Great
    videos man.

  23. tyler williams spune:

    Bro where you playing on Xbox or ps3?

  24. nasir galloway spune:

    what game is in the beginning?

  25. Jevon Hoosier spune:

    Gta 4


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