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nebraska football miracle catch – Jordan Westerkamp

Nebraska player Jordan Westerkamp amazing catch off of a deflection in the end zone to defeat Northwestern. Football.
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25 Responses to “nebraska football miracle catch – Jordan Westerkamp”

  1. MrCandry spune:

    The coach he’s like „Damn muthafucker, nobody’s gonna come celebrate with

  2. billgrip spune:

    The 2013 season might not have been what Husker fans wanted…but this play
    will always be remembered. What a moment, it still sends chills down my
    spine to watch :)

  3. Jason Longwith spune:

    Amazing catch!

    #Nebraska #Huskers #GBR 

  4. Sam Sticka spune:

    When I first saw this, I felt like I’d been transported back in time to
    1972. It was as if I was watching an old Huskers game. I can’t explain

  5. alexhortdog95 spune:

    As a Husker fan, this was the best ending to a football game this year.
    Until Auburn two upped it, LOL

  6. Daniel lorenz spune:

    Go Big Red!

  7. Chris555Chris spune:

    Love how Bo Pelini looks like he doesn’t even know his own name after it
    happened! He looked so confused haha

  8. Andrew Dilley spune:

    Just go listen to the radio call. I don’t get BTN so wasn’t watching this
    game but I am a huge Nebraska huskers fan. When he caught it I thought I
    was going to hit the ceiling. Best moment this year. GO BIG RED 

  9. Just DC spune:

    Go Hawkeyes! bahahahahahahahahahaha IOWA, BITCH!

  10. Darrix Lim spune:

    I have season tickets but our season isn’t saved

  11. mojojojo787 spune:

    That is the fattest QB I have ever seen! 

  12. PG Gamer spune:

    Northwestern was the most disappointing football team this year

  13. Khadijah Bell spune:

    #12 ran like he was in 2012.

  14. C MeGamin spune:

    I hate hoe kellog gets the credit… IT WAS ALL WESTERKAMP

  15. anthony perez spune:

    That was amazing I was there at the game every body was fighting go dig red

  16. trevor stephens spune:

    Im surprised how a 250lb QB can throw a ball 70 yards! When I saw that I
    flipped out in my chair (not the QB, but the whole play!)

  17. Luke Frey spune:

    Somebody tell Bo Pelini that they won. Or at least tell his face. 

  18. Marcus Glanzer spune:

    The Play of the year for the Huskers.

  19. Hulio McKoolio spune:

    The commentators thought it was over .. LoL

  20. Clay Meyer spune:

    This is how we do it

  21. Matt Eylander spune:

    4:45 upper right hand side, northwestern player collapses. :D

  22. David Wiens spune:

    Thanks Ron and Jordan. You are now Husker legends.

  23. Miguel Sandoval spune:

    I Wouldn’t Rank This Hail Mary By Nebraska As One Of The Greastest Of All
    Time… I Think!!!

  24. Jared Cox spune:

    I was 8 rows up when this play happened. It was so exciting and the loudest
    I’ve ever heard that stadium. Go Big Red!

  25. purseonal2010 spune:

    I woulda been scared if I was Westerkamp, with all of my 300+pound
    offensive linemen jumping on me in celebration. He coulda been crushed to
    death! LOL Great finish to a great game!!! Go Big Red!!!


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