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NFL Football Cops (Starring Peyton And Eli Manning) [Trailer]

O scurtă incursiune la fotbal Polițiștii, noua dramă polițistă încearcă Peyton și Eli Manning ca MIKE TAHOE și CJ HUNTER premiera in aceasta toamna, numai pe DirecTV.
Video Rating: 4/5

25 Responses to “NFL Football Cops (Starring Peyton And Eli Manning) [Trailer]”

  1. Kevin Sin spune:

    haha incomplete for Eli

  2. Timber180 spune:

    1:22 the guy looks like John Fox….lol

  3. gd129 spune:

    Only funny part is Peyton’s mustache

  4. Wayne Moy spune:

    I was going to put the Sports Illustrated cover with the Super Bowl
    champions, but the photo looks like a normal game, so here’s a video
    instead. The Manning bros NFL Football Cops (Starring Peyton And Eli
    Manning) [Trailer]

  5. Larry Sconiers spune:


  6. Cordel Michel spune:

    and the manning bros r at it again. Still rolling.

  7. kalumbu mwandwe spune:

    Now that’s what I call hot read…sorry (awful)

  8. TheBoioioing03 spune:

    Good thing Eli wasn’t a sniper trying to save a hostage at gun point hahaha

  9. downshift51 spune:

    Eli would’ve hit an innocent bystander

  10. Dark Vader spune:

    They should have had a Ref or Roger Goodell at the end……lol

  11. TheMidnightspartan spune:

    This season Eli would be picked off.

  12. Christian Curtis spune:

    Watching this in the 2013 season, it’s funny how Eli threw the incomplete
    pass (being that the giants are currently 0-6).

  13. Riley Quan spune:

    Eli: Mo cho ah! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  14. SenileDude spune:

    They should make a new one with tom brady playing the bad guy and an epic
    shootout in the end scene

  15. hickorydickoryduck spune:

    if you go by their win/loss records this year………….one is playing
    good cop, the other, really bad cop……………

  16. Ulrich4800 spune:

    They should have died in the first scene when Eli misses his target wide

  17. armst012 spune:

    Is Roger Goodell the corrupt chief?

  18. Ohh Shnaps spune:

    and then eli gets intercepted 😛

  19. Kimberly Murphy-Smith spune:

    Heck, I’ve already set the DVR for it.

  20. TheNiNjaMonkey23 spune:

    is it sad that i would watch this?

  21. Kyle Wilson spune:

    Lately, Peyton’s been doing all the work.

  22. Thundernoob88 spune:

    Omfg this is the greatest thing ever

  23. baiteme spune:

    Tebow will just be an extra that’ll be fun to try to catch during the movie.

  24. Liz Mason spune:

    LMAOOOO!! I love these guys!

  25. Ryan Wright spune:

    And tom brady is the dirty cop working for crime boss bill belicheck.


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