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Nike Football: Whatever It Takes – Episode Two

După ce a absolvit Academia Nike, Titi Accam a continuat să joace pro în Suedia. El joacă acum pentru unul dintre cluburile de top din țară. Uita-te la povestea lui. Urmați-lea …
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25 Responses to “Nike Football: Whatever It Takes – Episode Two”

  1. O Bell spune:

    is he likely to make the world cup squad?

  2. moises moreno spune:

    Whats his name?

  3. FearedEARL spune:

    Name of song please

  4. Kay spune:

    Thos guys a baller!
    Hopefully he’ll soon be playing for my country Ghana next year, he’s got
    serious talent

  5. soccerislife spune:

    So far their two most successful recruits…Rogic and Accam it will be
    interesting to see the others.

  6. luis perez spune:

    I’ll do whatever it takes to make my dream come true and I know that with
    God, time, and perseverance I’ll achieve my goals till I achieve being a
    professional footballer. 

  7. Jordi Moreno Carrasco spune:

    The song?

  8. Calvin Makaminang spune:

    I want to go pro, seriously.

  9. Faisal Bader spune:

    what’s the name of the music?

  10. MΔ†† spune:

    Very nice clip. Need more videos about out-of-the-pitch life, really

  11. Huksy spune:

    Videos like this really inspire me :)

  12. Boltrak Dofus spune:

    How can i join nike academy?

  13. Ian Ritchey spune:

    Seems like a good guy, better not be the one responsible for ghana knocking
    the US out of the world cup this summer.

  14. Adin Jusufovic spune:

    David Accam <3

  15. GiGiRonaldo_7 spune:

    Beautiful to see such a vids! The Nike Academy was playing against my
    favorite team: KRC Genk at 2:04

  16. will brack spune:

    I love this series it’s motivates me so much 

  17. Mario Yván Castillo spune:


  18. Christos Thanasis spune:

    Work hard my friend. You are a great player and work hard on adapting to
    new environments. Best of luck to you

  19. Tino Saikaku spune:

    How can i enter to the nike academy ? I want to be professional and I´m
    from Mexico 

  20. Meheecan Mendoza spune:

    So inspiring, so pumped, so hyped.

  21. TheBlackstarr24 spune:

    So inspiring, glad to see a fellow ghanian make it big

  22. Camb0BAMF spune:

    How about Moon Seon-Min?

  23. Adam Diop spune:

    But where in the americas

  24. chonny1001 spune:

    Yes Titi


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