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Ohio State Football 2013 – New Age

Ohio State Pump Up Fotbal radioactive Imaginați-vă de Dragons.
Video Rating: 4/5

25 Responses to “Ohio State Football 2013 – New Age”

  1. encycl07pedia spune:

    Ohio State sucks.

  2. AychOneEnnOne spune:


  3. Bucks2716 spune:

    Anyone who „disliked” this video, is simply a hater. This is awesome, not
    just the content, but the timing and everything! Great video! And GO BUCKS!

  4. cocopelad spune:

    Make Michigan our Bitchagain 2013

  5. coopdog943 spune:

    AWESOME HIT 0:28

  6. Two Idiots One Console spune:

    Love This get chills everytime

  7. kopfjager402 spune:

    Seriously though, this is a great video! The timing of the music, the
    in-game sound bits…I don’t know if it’s because of my love for Ohio State
    or what but I get chills from excitment evertime I watch this video!

  8. kopfjager402 spune:

    Dirtiest stutter step EVER!

  9. therock3314 spune:

    the bucks r damn lucky the won tonight

  10. Joe Metzner spune:

    That stutter step by Miller makes me weak every time.

  11. Deere55 spune:

    Damn that hurts

  12. Buckeyefootball27 spune:

    I can’t watch this from my phone.

  13. jared ackley spune:

    um you honestly can’t really talk much smack especially if you like
    michigan…… but if you like bama good for you but you shouldn’t have
    anything against them.

  14. bad74maverick1 spune:

    BUT for Ohio State! Tomorrow is Miller’s moment!

  15. AudiophileTubes spune:

    I hope they CHOKE! There is a reason they haven’t won it all since 2002!

  16. Mike Scott spune:

    Nobody would give two shits if M*ch*gan players traded their own gear for
    some tattoos…cuz M*ch*gan is garbage.

  17. meganfoxfan2001 spune:

    Say what you want about Ohio State but Urban Meyer is bad motherfucker and
    will own pussies like little bitches. He is the BOSS! GO FUCKIN BUCKS!

  18. Mike Scott spune:

    I like how it ended with the GREATEST play of all time, ever. Go Bucks!
    HUGE year.

  19. Carl spune:

    O-H-……FU. Go Blue !!!

  20. Comeatmebro1992 spune:

    Not gonna lie, I hate the Buckeyes with a passion. But they were damn good
    last year. I even caught myself turning to a couple of their games just so
    I could watch Braxton miller tear it up. I don’t care who you are, you have
    to appreciate talent like that. With Urban Meyer as your coach, you guys
    are gonna be a top 3 team for years to come. Cant wait for Nov. 30th

  21. RoccoCorleone spune:

    Looks like 10 Michigan fans just figured out how to use the internet.

  22. DMorgan628 spune:

    We thank you for Dontre.

  23. Death to the New World Order spune:

    michigan fan alert!!!!!!

  24. Joe Meade spune:

    2:00 That juke

  25. Mathew stewart spune:

    Long live the Pacific 12!


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