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Ole domnișoara de Fotbal 2013: Actualizări uniforme

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25 Responses to “Ole domnișoara de Fotbal 2013: Actualizări uniforme”

  1. totalwar freek spune:

    Still not as good as Oregon’s uniforms.

  2. taylor woodson spune:

    those shoulder stripes are horrible! and they look just as bad on the new lsu uniform!

  3. Safari Mugenya spune:

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  4. TheRebelDrake spune:

    Says an MSU fan that has been voted the worst uniforms in the SEC.

  5. msu15 spune:

    Wow those look terrible.

  6. TheRebelDrake spune:

    Looking forward to it.

  7. Corey Green spune:

    Like the all white. To bad its not gonna make em anybetter lol roll tide.

  8. spencersonnier1 spune:

    These are nice. Nobody can top Oregon though. WTD!

  9. Reed Craddock spune:

    new uniforms are sweet. good sec school keeping it classy 

  10. AirRaid1196 spune:

    What are you saying? 

  11. GoDores55 spune:

    see y’all on the 29th

  12. logan sneed spune:

    Glad to see that freeze is keeping the players motivated. They look so happy, it’s like Christmas for them

  13. Tim Bliss spune:

    I like the all blue and I like the white jerseys with the blue names and numbers.

  14. Go BigBLUEforLIFE spune:

    coming from a Kentucky fan Alabama has the best uniforms in college football but the ole miss uniforms are nice also

  15. JPH1786 spune:

    I’m sure you’re not the sole source of Ole Miss’ athletic budget. Stop your checks, and see what happens. I’m guessing not much.

  16. JPH1786 spune:

    Red, white or blue jersey with blue pants is cool, but cut the white pants and stick with the grey!

  17. KillshotBen spune:

    NFL CUT BOY!!!!

  18. ssjmeetri spune:

    Still no difference same shit

  19. Dela Salle spune:

    The design isn’t gonna change idiots it’s the nfl cut which means is a different shape and fabric, and they did get some new nice designs, I love them

  20. ssjmeetri spune:

    look the same

  21. CoachJimboFisher spune:

    Those are fresh as fuck. Whether Ole Miss wins on the field or not I’ve always loved their uniforms. The Nike cuts just take it to that next level. I hope FSU does the same.

  22. CoachJimboFisher spune:

    Hence keeping the same look but changing the material. Maybe you should pay more attention Jude. Jude.. I don’t even know if that’s a dude’s name or a chicks name

  23. Jude JP spune:

    Them shits look the same, what they talking about

  24. MrZimeir spune:

    look up ” Oakland NFTC: Logan Johns LB „

  25. hottytodday10 spune:

    Now we just need the baby blue helmets….


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