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Penn State Fotbal: The Next Chapter – highlights-uri de jocuri extinse vs Michigan (10.12.13)

Video Rating: 4/5

24 Responses to “Penn State Fotbal: The Next Chapter – highlights-uri de jocuri extinse vs Michigan (10.12.13)”

  1. Filippo Fagnoni spune:

    you’re fucking retarded

  2. mdav1190 spune:

    If Penn State can’t move on without thinking kindly of Joe Paterno, then the sexual abuse scandal regarding Sandusky will be forever indelible in Penn State’s history. I mean it is anyway. Fuck Paterno!!! and fuck the officials at Penn State who were involved in this!!! No human should ever have to experience any form of abuse in their life.

  3. mdav1190 spune:

    Penn State will forever have the memory of the sex scandal regarding Jerry Sandusky ingrained and etched all over its name. Joe Paterno and his minions kept these egregious secrets for years without ever doing anything about it. The significance of that man’s deplorable actions far supersede any glory, pride, and spirit it once had as a result of winning football games. It’s important to move on from the past, and to stop looking at Paterno as a benevolent father figure, which he was NOT!

  4. thatwebdude spune:

    It’s refreshing to see Ohio State fans coming here to continue showing the great class that their football coach displayed on Saturday. Glad to see the blowout helped you in the same way it helped us in ’94 with the polls.

  5. nilbog44 spune:

    lol what a load of crap

  6. nilbog44 spune:

    HAHAHAHA proud of you guys for getting the shit kicked out of you today. great team!!! LOL!!! LOSERS!!!!

  7. KentA Mitchell spune:

    Is the Ohio State game bringing you to tears too?

  8. Drea Campo spune:

    Agreed David C! I was thinking of the exact same thing…brought me to tears!

  9. David C spune:

    Joe Pa is looking down, proud of you guys.

  10. Zhigang Cheng spune:

    I was there to witness this epic win! WE ARE…

  11. JoeyR9669 spune:

    Penn state has the best crowd/stadium in college football no doubt

  12. bklepeis42 spune:

    Best game I’ve ever attended at Beaver Stadium, the crowd was on fire!

  13. Brian Choi spune:

    I was there for the game, section ED. Best time ever.

    WE ARE!!!

  14. Pa Ballplayer spune:

    Like the official Christian Hackenberg facebook fanpage!


  15. Linda Thompson spune:

    So proud of these young men and their coaches.
    Never give up!

    I hope that JoePa got to enjoy this game from heaven.

    WE ARE

    ….class of 1970 and always proud to be from Penn State!

  16. David O'Dell spune:

    Watch the Michigan man on the last play!

  17. Philliefan7032 spune:

    I find nothing wrong with the music, it’s intense music in an intense game.

  18. Mauro Diaz spune:

    This gave me the chills. WE ARE!!!!!

  19. Sean Baker spune:

    Kill the music.

  20. Susanne McAllister spune:

    I would have loved to be there for that win! Go State!
    Congrats from alum in Ireland!

  21. d00ch spune:

    Could really do without that music…

  22. Michael williams spune:

    …PENN STATE!!! 

  23. pburt68 spune:

    Best PSU game EVER! Amazing!

  24. Minwoo Jo spune:

    The best game I’ve ever watched and will ever watch in my life. I’m so glad I was at the game. You just got to love this team and the school.


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