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Pompa Colegiul de Fotbal Up 2013-14 ᴴ ᴰ (1080p) „cele salbatice”

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25 Responses to “Pompa Colegiul de Fotbal Up 2013-14 ᴴ ᴰ (1080p) „cele salbatice””

  1. Layne Knight spune:

    last one awesome

  2. NightmareWaffle spune:

    Um hello bitch there d1 colleges arnt they you try making it D1

  3. Nick Gado spune:

    check out my new pump up video please thanks

  4. number1flyback spune:

    That goes without saying though! haha

  5. Jennifer Shauger spune:


  6. RockStarEnergy ForLife spune:

    and Football is the best thing in the world.

  7. dagniontiver spune:

    What is song ?

  8. Voja Vidakovic spune:

    this is probably the worst song i have ever heard…

  9. casperce725 spune:

    I felt the one on 1:55

  10. number1flyback spune:

    Football is football, big plays are big plays, no matter what team it is.

  11. Jacques Pentoute spune:

    The montage is cool but jesus this song is so bad..

  12. Dennis Genzer spune:

    i like how there were a lot of sooners

  13. Kyron Grant Jr spune:

    why does the song suck because its Dubstep and its not talking about booty
    and money etc

  14. TingBunna spune:

    Gay, mute this bs audio and play Higher – Just Blaze & Bauer x Jay Z while

  15. Waylon Ransom spune:

    what was the song

  16. ruben vermeulen spune:

    Buzzkill at the end

  17. Deboot123 spune:

    Tip: Turn sound down, thats horrible.

  18. skscorpia spune:

    You might wanna work on the end.

  19. king lort spune:

    sweet pump up

  20. TheWhiteKid57 spune:

    I play youth football and I am very nervous for my game tonight at 7. This
    shot pumped me up! Thanks bro

  21. BiggRimma spune:

    maybe he wanted to created an unbiased video with clips of different teams
    instead of an sec videio

  22. mmeyes2380922 spune:

    Whats the name of this remix

  23. Evan Simons spune:


  24. THEBIGDUCK FAN spune:

    how do you make these awesome videos?

  25. Marcello Mccartney spune:

    what a horrible song


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